Manual Breast Pumps

Nuk Manual Breast Pump

Nuk Manual Breast Pump

Best forMoms who would like to pump one-handed, and moms whose babies like the Nuk bottles

Top BenefitsQuiet compared to other manual pumps, easy to assemble and disassemble, quick to clean

ConsiderationsCannot be sanitized in the microwave

Bottom lineA great pump for on-the-go occasional use


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  • Soft silicone cushion over breast shield for comfort
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Very quiet compared to other manual breast pumps
  • Compatible with all Nuk wide-neck bottles


The Nuk Manual Breast Pump is a compact, lightweight pumping option for moms who pump occasionally, or want a backup pumping option for home or travel (you never know when you will or won’t have access to power for your electric pump). With seven parts, the pump is easy to take apart, clean and put back together. One feature that we really liked was the silicone cushion the fits over the breast shield. It adds an extra level of comfort, but can be removed if you don’t enjoy it.


The Nuk Manual Breast Pump is made up of seven pieces: a silicone cushion, breast shield, pump lever, pump rod, membrane, valve and collection container. The pump comes already assembled, but you have to sterilize it before you start pumping. It’s a good idea to make a mental note of how everything fits together as you’re taking it apart because it will make your first assembly much easier. The majority of our testers found the instructions for assembling the pump easy to follow, and they said it was easy to put the pump together.

"The instructions were quite clear when it comes to disassembling the pump. Once I took it apart, I found it very fast to put it back together." —Natalia, mom of one

The majority of moms who tested the Nuk Manual Breast Pump for us said they were able to pump without discomfort. When it came to sitting in a comfortable position while they were pumping, the majority said they were neutral (not comfortable, or uncomfortable). If you’ve experienced pumping discomfort in the past, you may also appreciate the silicone cushion that covers the breast shield. And if you’re not a fan of the cushion, it’s easily removed and the pump can be used without it. A couple of our testers felt that the pump lever could have been more ergonomic for hand and wrist comfort.


Manual pumps may be more physical work compared to an electric breast pump, but that also means that you have more control over pressure and suction. Manual pumps require a little more focus, and obviously a lot more physical work, to get just the right seal, pressure and suction. Depending on your wrist strength and coordination, you can also use the Nuk manual pump one-handed. The simple design of the pump makes it very easy to detach bottles from the pump without spilling breastmilk, as well as pump in a dark or dimly lit room.

The majority of parent testers agreed that they didn’t have any problems getting an airtight seal between the breast shield (or flange) and their breast. One tester noted milk leaking from around the breast shield, but described the leakage as a dribble every so often. The majority of moms were happy with the suction that they were able to achieve with the pump and said that their breasts felt fully drained after a pumping session.

"It felt the closest to breastfeeding compared to other pumps I've tried, and I was able to pump more than I've ever been able to." —Tara, mom of one

In our lab tests, we found the Nuk manual pump to be virtually noise-free. The only time the pump makes a sound is when the pumping lever is released quickly and it makes contact with the membrane. Depending on how quickly or slowly you pump, this shouldn't occur very often, if at all. Testers found the pump equally quiet and all but one said they could use this pump in the same room as a sleeping baby or partner.


Most parts of this pump aren't dishwasher safe and can't be sterilized in the microwave, but it is easy to clean by hand and sterilize with hot soapy water. However, the breastmilk container, collar and nipple are okay to sterilize in boiling water or clean in the dishwasher. The membrane and valve on this pump feel quite sturdy and large compared to others that we’ve tested, and that makes delicate parts like these easier to clean.

"It has very few parts, and it's extremely quick and simple to clean." —Megan, mom of two

Our mom testers felt that this pump was lightweight and compact, and we’re most definitely in agreement. They all said that the Nuk Manual Pump packs up nicely when they need to take it with them somewhere, and it’s easy to use when they’re away from home. We also enjoyed the fact that Nuk Manual Breast Pump is compatible with all Nuk wide-neck bottles. Being able to express, store and feed all from one container cuts down on dishes and the possibility of a spill.


Overall, the majority of our mom testers were satisfied with the Nuk Manual Breast Pump, giving it good to very good ratings for quality, value and ease of use. Most testers said they would purchase this pump for themselves and they would also recommend it to other moms and moms-to-be. In our lab tests, we were really impressed with how quiet this pump is, as well as its compatibility with wide-neck Nuk bottles and great price point. 

Tech Specs

  • PUMP
    5-oz bottle
    Comes with a slow-flow silicone nipple, also BPA-free
    Made from silicone

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