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Nuk Simply Natural Bottle

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Best for Babies who switch between breast and bottle-feeding
Top benefits Does not stain, does not leak, easy to take apart and reassemble
Considerations The vent in the nipple must be positioned under baby’s nose to work properly
Bottom line This bottle is simply designed, and the wide mouth makes it easy to prep and easy to clean
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  • Anti-colic system helps reduce colic symptoms, gas and spit up
  • Nipple designed to act like mother's breast, for easier transition between breast and bottle
  • 5 oz bottle comes with slow flow nipple


Crystal clear and compact, the Nuk Simply Natural Bottle was a favourite among our parent testers for its simple design. The bottle body is made of Tritan plastic, a hard, durable plastic that’s free of BPA, BPS, or any other chemicals with estrogenic and androgenic activity—translation: it doesn’t contain any hormone disruptors.

BPA is banned in baby bottles sold in Canada, the United States and the European Union due to concerns related to the chemical’s estrogen-mimicking properties.

The Nuk Simply Natural sports one of the larger, softer nipples that we tested. Almost dome-like in shape, the slow-flow nipple that we tested had three holes (typically, slow-flow nipples only have one), and it was one of the wider, more flexible nipples that we tested. This broader, more pliable nipple is meant to replicate the look, feel and movement of mom’s nipple and breast. All of these factors come together to make for a quick and comfortable latch. The wider nipple should make it easier to switch between breast and bottle.

Ease of use

One of the big perks of the wide mouth of this bottle is super simple prep. A narrow bottle isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but anything that leads to less milk or formula spillage is a good thing in our books. And easy-to-read volume markers on the side of the bottle make prep that much easier. The overall wide shape of the bottle means that you won’t have to worry about it tipping over. During our tests, we prepared and vigorously shook a full bottle with leak-free results. Even with its wider-than-average shape, we had no problem fitting the Simply Natural bottle in a standard bottle warmer during our tests, and it heated easily.

The Nuk Simply Natural silicone nipples come in three different flow rates, so the bottle can adapt to your little one’s needs as they grow. The holes in the nipples (three in slow flow, six in medium and nine in fast) are arranged in circular and semicircular patterns to more closely resemble the way a real nipple delivers milk. The only slight challenge we had with the nipple was that the anti-colic vent must be positioned directly under baby’s nose in order to be effective, and it’s not so easy to see the vent during late-night feedings in dimly lit rooms.

“I have been using this bottle with my third baby. This is by far the most success we have had getting our breastfed babies to accept and feed from a bottle.” — Sarah, mom of three

With its wide mouth and only four pieces per bottle, the Nuk Simply Natural Bottle couldn’t be easier to clean. And when we left the bottle and its components overnight in a sink full of soapy water with some spaghetti sauce, none of the parts stained or retained any smells after a trip through the dishwasher. Translation: you can toss a day’s worth of bottles in the sink to soak overnight, forget about them and head to bed ASAP. We call that a win.

The Simply Natural bottle also performs well on the go. When we carried a full bottle in a diaper bag for 30 minutes, there weren’t any leaks to speak of. (Note: There’s a small circle on the underside of the travel lid that the nipple should line up with in order to prevent leakage during transit.) And in our drop test from counter height, the travel lid stayed on more than half the time.

Final word

With a wide nipple and a reasonable price point, the Nuk Simply Natural offers parents an easy-latch option that won’t break the bank. Our hands-on parent testers felt that the bottle offered good value. The anti-colic venting system could be easier to use, but it wouldn’t stop our testers from purchasing the bottle or recommending it to other parents.

“I love this bottle. My son took to it immediately.” — Shawna, mom of one

Tech Specs

Bottle sizes and materials
  • Sizes available: 5 oz, 9 oz
  • Body is made with Tritan plastic, an odour and stain-resistant plastic
  • Bottle body is free of BPA, BPS and other bisphenols
  • Made from BPA-free silicone