Double Electric Breast Pumps

Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump

Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump

Best forMoms looking for a quiet, compact double electric breast pump with very simple controls

Top BenefitsComes with range of breast shield sizes for a good fit, quiet even on highest settings, minimal controls

ConsiderationsCan't save settings, no stimulation pre-set

Bottom lineThe Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump allows you to comfortably and easily pump without disrupting the quiet peace of a sleeping baby or partner (read: it’s quiet). Its simple features and compact design make the Calypso a great option for a no-fuss mom.

Buy CAD $299.99
ardo-usa.comUSD $199.95


  • Quiet sound for discreet pumping
  • Vacuum seal in the pump sets
  • Lightweight and compact base unit
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Cleaning brush included


Compact and easy to use, the Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump offers quality pumping without sacrificing mom’s comfort—and it's noticeably quieter than the average pump. This double pump can also be used as a single when needed, and it comes with a selection of breast shell (a.k.a. breast shield) sizes to choose from, so it wasn't surprising that our pumping testers were impressed with how easy to was to achieve an airtight seal for good suction. Plus, the Calypso’s mid-range price point in comparison to many other double electric breast pumps doesn’t hurt either.


The Calypso consists of six pieces per pump set, and while they come pre-assembled, a 10-minute boiling is required before use to sterilize the pump. Once they’re cool and dry, reassembling the parts and connecting to the unit via the tubing is intuitive whether you're setting it up for single or double pumping. If you’re unsure or forget (because mommy brain is real), the manual offers succinct step-by-step instructions that are accompanied with clear photos so you can follow along. Our parent testers and editors found the Calypso easy to assemble and no one had issues getting every part attached securely.

The instructions were clear and helpful regarding starting with a high cadence and low suction. I like the simplicity of the pump and the intuitive controls. It has a clean and simple appearance—it wasn't intimidating to learn how to use it. And I also like that it comes with spare valves and multiple sizes of breast shells.” —Elizabeth, mom of one


Our parent-testers said they were able to pump without any breast discomfort and only one mom reported that she wasn’t able to sit comfortably while pumping. But it's worth noting that leaning forward generally helps the milk drop straight down into the bottles, so it's not uncommon for some moms to have difficulty finding a comfortable position when pumping. The Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump comes with 31-mm and 26-mm breast shells, as well as a 28-mm insert for in-between fitting. Also in the box is Ardo's Optiflow massage insert, which fits into the 31-mm shell for a gentler pumping experience. If you require a more customized fit, a 36-mm breast shell or 22-mm breast shell insert can be purchased separately.


The Ardo Calypso keeps its settings simple, with three buttons: on/off, vacuum increase and decrease, and cycle increase and decrease. While this breast pump doesn’t have a specific stimulation setting, which mimics the rapid sucking motion of a baby when they latch, you can replicate baby’s sucking motion by pairing a high cycle (e.g., eight bars) with a lower vacuum setting to help you get the milk flowing. Once you've hit let down (usually after a couple of minutes), you can adjust the suction to a level most comfortable to you. All of this is helpfully outlined in the Calypso's manual.

Moms who tested the pump found the interface easy to use, and all were able to get an airtight seal between their breast and the breast shell. Most testers agreed that Calypso’s suction strength allowed them to pump efficiently, and all said that their breasts felt fully drained after a pumping session, which is important because not fully draining your breasts could affect your milk supply. While leaks can be an issue, two out of four testers experienced no leaks at all and one said a few drops leaked once or twice while she was testing the pump. Testers also said it was easy to pump in a darkened room thanks to the green-tinted backlit LCD display.

When it came time to remove filled bottles from the pump, our parent testers had no problems detaching them without spilling any milk, and a double bottle holder helps prevent accidentally tipping them over. While the Calypso comes with caps for the bottles, Ardo doesn't make nipples for feeding. However, Ardo bottles are compatible with Dr. Brown's standard nipples. One of the things our editors like about these bottles is the markings are raised plastic, so they're not going to rub or scratch off with long-term use.

If you'll need to pump on the go or at the office, it's worth noting that the Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump doesn't come with a travel bag and it doesn't have a rechargeable battery. It does, however, take AA batteries, and the unit itself is quite lightweight, so it's easy to pop in a tote of your own.

Set-up was pretty straightforward and easy—you can start pumping right away! Great feature of being able to change intensity for either suction or speed. The product is super quiet—I could pump while my baby was sleeping in the same room.” —Marcy, mom of two


We used a noise meter in our lab tests to measure the volume for each breast pump set at the highest setting and pressed against the skin. While our mom testers were split right down the middle, reporting that the breast pump was either very quiet or somewhat loud, the Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump is actually one of the quietest pumps we've tested (and we've tested most available in Canada). All but one parent tester reported that they were able to comfortably pump in the same room as a sleeping baby or partner without waking them up.


Ardo recommends washing the Calypso pump set after each use in soapy water or sterilizing it in the dishwasher. The tube components are safe to be boiled too, but wiping them with a cloth as needed is sufficient. Our testers reported no issues with disassembling the pump set and cleaning each part well, though two moms noticed condensation in the tubing post-wash.

Dos and don'ts of pump cleaning: Don't forget to rinse all pump parts that come into contact with milk immediately after pumping. Do use a dedicated plastic wash basin just for pump parts, nipples and bottles. Don't soak or submerge pump parts in your kitchen sink. Get more pump cleaning tips.

The Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump is lightweight and compact, and features a small handle at the back of unit to make carrying easier—though it's small enough to carry comfortably in your hand. Our editors like that there's an option to use this pump with batteries. While it may not be something you want to do every day (the cost of single-use batteries would really add up), it's handy in a pinch—say, when the power goes out, your little one's asleep and your breasts are uncomfortably full.


All of our mom testers were satisfied with the Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump. They all rated the ease of use good or very good, and aside from one mom who thought the quality was average, our testers gave the Calypso above-average ratings for quality and value. Most testers were particularly impressed with how quiet and efficient the Calypso is—two things that can make a real difference in a pumping experience. Our editors were similarly impressed with the quality of materials and simplicity of design. While the Ardo Calypso doesn't have all the bells and whistles you'll find on some other pumps, it's efficient, quiet and compact, and its price is quite reasonable, making it a great option for a no-fuss mom.

Tech Specs

  • Pump
    8 vacuum settings (suction strength)
    8 cycle levels (suction speed)
    Backlit LED display
    Can be powered by 6 AA batteries
  • Breast shields
    A pair each of 26 mm and 31 mm breast shields included
    A pair each of 28-mm breast shield inserts and 26-mm massage inserts included
    Also available (sold separately): 36 mm shield, 22 mm shield insert
  • Bottles
    2 150-mL bottles with lids included
    Double bottle holder included
    BPA-free polypropylene

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