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Paris Hilton Says She Has a Name for Her Future Daughter and Picked it 'Over 10 Years Ago'

Paris Hilton has her baby daughter's name all picked out—and she's not even conceived yet.

Paris Hilton Says She Has a Name for Her Future Daughter and Picked it 'Over 10 Years Ago'


Paris Hilton is loving her new role as 'mom' so much that she's already considering a second pregnancy with her husband, Carter Reum. It's clear she's not putting her newborn checklist behind her, because the Simple Life star even shared the name she'd pick for her future daughter in a live chat episode of her podcast on March 1.

Her baby boy, Phoenix. was born just two months ago. His name required a bit more thought, Hilton admits. "It was hard to pick [ Phoenix ] because a lot of the cities that I like just wouldn't sound good as a name."

Paris Hilton Phoenix Instagram/Paris Hilton

But for Paris Hilton's future daughter, the choice is all but certain. "I'm really excited for Phoenix to have a baby sister one day—named London. It's my favorite city and I've always wanted to name my daughter London," the bombshell heiress who tied the knot with Carter Reum in 2021 dished.

"I had actually picked that name for a long time now, probably over 10 years. I always wanted London. I love that name for my daughter."

She added in her typical sing-song voice, "Like Ibiza would be so weird as a kids' name, Vegas would be weird. It's difficult to find a cool name that's a city for a boy. Besides London, [ because ] that works for both."

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum Instagram/ParisHilton


No word yet on middle names. Maybe she'll go for a baby name that means miracle or a girl's baby name that means flower. We sure hope so, and can't wait for pictures of little London on adorable floral crib sheets. And if Hilton and Reum, both 42, go for lucky number three, there are no names picked out yet. She said she's open to suggestions from fans, so start thinking of your best city-themed monikers.

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This article was originally published on Mar 06, 2023

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