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Kourtney's String Bikini Proves Pregnancy is Sexy, Not Frumpy

That's one haute mama!

Kourtney's String Bikini Proves Pregnancy is Sexy, Not Frumpy


Kourtney Kardashian is not letting her new baby bump get in the way of her signature sexy outfits. The star posted an eye-catching array of summery photos, including one of her in a green string bikini showing off her growing belly.

It's a welcome reprieve from Kardashian-focused news about Khloe and Tristan's kids, Kim and Kanye's woes and other drama. We're really, really excited to see this adorable bundle.

Kourtney announced her pregnancy last Friday at a Blink 182 concert. She paid homage to the band's music video for 'All the Small Things' by holding a sign that said "Travis I'm Pregnant." It obviously set the internet into an uproar, partially because the reality star has been incredibly vocal about her struggles with getting pregnant and her often-difficult fertility journey.

The video of the pregnancy announcement has racked up nearly 80 million views since it was posted, and the number just keeps on growing (like that little bean!).

Scroll down for her pics.

"It's exciting to see her really leaning into her fourth pregnancy," shares celebrity stylist, Marissa Gurna. "In the past, we saw a lot of celebs turning to frumpy, oversized clothes to deal with the discomfort and exhaustion that comes along with motherhood, but we've seen a whole wave of new moms embracing their bumps as signs of femininity and sexiness. Kourtney's little green string bikini is totally waving the style flag."


While her little dental-floss swimwear number is definitely designer, regular moms like us can embrace is our inner Kardashians at the pool and beach this summer with Amazon-ready dupes.

kourtney kardashian pregnancy four bikini picture Instagram

We found a nearly identical match for Kourt's itty-bitty bikini for under $30, and yes—we totally think you need to wear it somewhere between picking out maternity photoshoot dresses and nursing pajamas.

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This article was originally published on Jun 28, 2023

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