The Best Nursing Pajamas for Every Style and Budget 2023

Top down, screamin' out "dairy ain't a thing!"

By Bryce Gruber

The Best Nursing Pajamas for Every Style and Budget 2023

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You've eaten all the foods to increase breast milk, gotten the baby into her sleep sack and are finally ready to hop into bed—but wait—now you need nursing pajamas. These easy-access wonders should be on every mom's newborn checklist if she plans to breastfeed. They make midnight (and later) feedings a breeze with minimal effort.

What to look for in the best nursing pajamas

What a time to be alive! Seriously—there are so many nursing pajama options now. The main things to look for are easy breast access either by way of drop-down panels, sliding fabric, cutouts or buttons. If you're pregnant, size up to give you room to grow—you won't mind the looser fit in the first several weeks after baby's arrival, anyway.

Then, you'll want soft, temperature-regulating materials like cotton, bamboo, linen or a blend that keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Hormonal fluctuations are real when you're breastfeeding, and the last thing you want is to end up a sweaty mess when it's baby's snack hour.

Finally, opt for easy-to-clean and machine-wash styles. Between the sweat and spit-up, you'll be glad you heeded this advice. Then you can move on to buying one of the best nursing swimsuits.

The best nursing pajamas 2023

How we chose the best nursing pajamas for our list

Best overall

Breastfeeding Short Sleeve and Pants Set

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Comfortable material, a budget-friendly price and easy maintenance earned this short sleeve breastfeeding set our top spot overall. Available in nine color combos and sizes small through XXL, it's an easy winner under $40. Plus, it has over 1,400 glowing Amazon ratings calling it "the best nursing pajamas to bring to the hospital."

We love the machine-washable materials, the top that fits growing (and shrinking bellies!), side-pull panels for easy breastfeeding access and cozy pajama pants you'll continue to wear well after weaning. The set also features clever buttons and maternity extenders for when you're in the homestretch of pregnancy.

Best budget

Ekaour Nursing and Maternity Gown

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You don't have to spend big on nursing pajamas, and this Ekaouer gown is the proof. Over three dozen colors, sizes small through XXL and clever pull-style access make it a brilliant choice under $30. Pregnant women swear by it as an everyday wardrobe essential, but it's really a maternity and nursing pajama gown that's meant to get you through the longest nights.

"This nightgown is perfect," writes five-star verified Amazon purchaser, Monica Lynn. "It’s comfortable and looks very nice on. In fact, my husband thought it was a dress! It could possibly pass for one if you need to quickly run out to grab mail or take the dog out, to be honest. It’s held up well after being washed without shrinking or losing its soft fabric feel. Definitely recommend it whether you are nursing or not."

Best nursing pajama set

Matching Nursing Tank and Shorts Set

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Need a practical set of nursing pajamas you'll live in for the first year or so? This matching set is just the ticket. With over a dozen color combination options and a reasonable $25 price tag, there's something for almost everyone. Sizes range from XS through XXL, and the pull-style top makes nursing an easy task.

We love how soft the material is, simple machine washing and how lightweight it is. It's ideal for hot summer nights and packing on that much-needed all-inclusive family resort vacation. The comfortable elastic waistband and elastic neckline promise these will be your go-to PJs for ages.

Best cooling

Cozy Earth Short Sleeve Pajama Set

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If you've never tried Cozy Earth pajamas, let now be the time. They're the supplest, most delightfully cool PJs you could ever dream of, and they're a cinch to machine wash and dry. Choose nine colors and soft prints, and then revel in the joy you feel knowing these come in sizes XS through XXXL.

They're made of temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking drapey stretch bamboo fabric that'll make you wonder what the heck you were ever wearing before these came into your life. Seriously, they're that good. And yes, the loose-fitting button-down top is totally perfect for nursing.

The brand also offers sets with long sleeves and a variety of styles designed to fit every climate, body type and preference to get you through middle-of-the-night feedings and the entire postpartum period.

Best plus size

Monnuro Nursing Gown

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Most of the nursing pajamas on our list go up to size 20 or so, but this Monnuro nursing gown starts at size 12 and goes up to 5X to be one of the most inclusive options we've seen on the market. Frankly, we love it for all sizes but especially appreciate it being a cute, never-frumpy plus-size nursing pajama option for the curvy-cute moms.

Choose 10 colors (and combinations) of this baseball tee-inspired silhouette in super soft stretchy fabric, and then rest easy knowing a good meal for your little one is just a panel-pull away.

Best maternity nursing pajamas

Kindred Bravely Maternity and Nursing Gown

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While any of the nursing pajamas on our list work for pregnancy times too, these Kindred Bravely maternity pajamas make the list as our favorite combo. Five colors, sizes XS through 2XL and a modest under-$50 price point earned this gown high marks.

We love the lace detailing and accents, racerback design and feminine silhouette that quickly reminds moms how to get their groove back after baby. Flip-down cups simplify nighttime feedings, while OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification means you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals on your best baby-facing pieces.

Some things to keep in mind

Although nursing pajamas are definitely grown-up wardrobe pieces, your baby will be having plenty of direct skin contact. It's best to wash your own clothes, including nursing gowns and tops, in one of the best laundry detergents for sensitive skin.

Not sure which size to get? Try sizing up. You may shrink back down to your pre-baby dimensions (or not!), but either way, a little extra air and comfort when you're sleeping is never a bad thing.

And if you're looking to make more milk, check out our piece on brewer's yeast for lactation and our list of the best lactation cookies on the market.

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