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12 totally memorable ideas for your pregnancy announcement

From telling your partner to your social media circle, here are some cute and classic pregnancy announcement ideas to blow the lid on your big news.

12 totally memorable ideas for your pregnancy announcement

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Finding out you’re pregnant is, undoubtedly, one of the highlights of your pregnancy, if not your life. But finding out on a pee stick? That moment could certainly be improved, which is perhaps why so many mamas-to-be find much more creative ways to share the news with their partners, parents and friends. Especially in the age of Instagram pregnancy announcements, letting your circle know you’re expecting can be an exercise in funny, cute and heartfelt sharing that can put a smile on anyone’s face—and maybe even surprise the hell out of your loved ones. Not sure where to start? Here are a few pregnancy announcement ideas we love to get your creative juices flowing.

For your partner

Beer bottle labels. Photo: PaprikaPaperie via Etsy

While you may be forgoing alcohol for the next little bit, if you’re surprising your partner with the news, he or she may want to celebrate with a drink. Why not go the two-for-one route by breaking the news on the label of their favourite wine or brew?

You're gonna be a dad. Photo: Pinterest

Maybe you love the outdoors, are particularly fond of sweets or just really enjoy board games. Whatever it is, using something that you and your partner love is a sweet way to share the news to the parent-to-be.

12 totally memorable ideas for your pregnancy announcement Photo: LittleElephantCrafts via Etsy

If the reaction you’re after is a moment of confusion followed by excitement, may we suggest a pun? Ask your partner to check on dinner after you’ve placed a literal bun in the oven (maybe alongside a positive pregnancy test, in case you’re worried they won’t get it) and watch as the realization that they’re going to be a parent dawns on them.

For your parents

A mug labeled Grandma. Photo: Ollie + Hank

While a mug might not be the most thoughtful gift on a regular day, the day you get to give your parents their first World’s Best Grandma and World’s Best Grandpa mugs is definitely one they won’t forget.

A digital card for grandparents. Photo: SnaptureThis via Etsy

5. A card


Sometimes a simple written message is best, and giving your parents a little congratulations of their own is sure to be the best surprise ever.

A note to grandparents. Photo: Pinterest

Prep the grandparents-to-be with a stash of baby must-haves at their home while breaking the news. Think pacifiers, blankies and, of course, a new favourite stuffed toy.

For your friends and social media

Why mess with the tried-and-true way to tell your circle that you’re pregnant? A great outfit and festive backdrop certainly help, but it’s that cradling-your-bump pose that is the universal signifier for “I’m expecting!”

Your loved ones won’t even need to read the caption of your post with this one! A sonogram is easy (very little image prep), instantaneous (no need to wait for that bump to pop) and straight to the point.

Is there anything cuter than a pair of baby shoes? Share your news with an image of the sweetest baby apparel, alongside your own kicks—we especially love when the little pair is the same brand or style as your own. Mini-me, indeed.


If your eldest child is about to get a promotion (ahem, big brother or sister), why not incorporate them into your announcement? Chances are, they’re just as excited as you are to share the big news.

If baby planning has you immersed in required reading, taking a cute picture with your partner will let the world know about the big change in your life. We especially love how this couple shared the different ways they’re prepping: hers by considering different baby names and his with a survival guide.

While some prefer to allude to or imply pregnancy, there is a surefire way to say it loud and proud. An unmistakable bump and, if you’re feeling it, some skin. Follow in the footsteps of Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson and, more recently, Beyoncé for an empowering pregnancy announcement.

This article was originally published on Sep 24, 2019

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