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18 best baby products at Ikea—all under $25

From fitted sheets and hooded towels to wooden toys and nursery decor, Ikea has you and your tiny bundle covered, all for $25 or less.

By Simone Olivero

18 best baby products at Ikea—all under $25

Photo: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

best IKEA baby products

Nursery shelf

Getting that nursery prepped for baby’s arrival doesn’t have to be pricey. This wall-mounted shelf has five handy surfaces to display all their little knick knacks in a safe place that’s out of reach. LUSTIGT wall shelf, $10, ikea.com

kids shelving unitPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada


The fluffy critters on this adorable mobile will help them fall asleep and the neutral colour palette is pretty much guaranteed to go with any nursery decor. HIMMELSK mobile, multicolor $10, ikea.com 

mobilePhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Fitted sheets

Let’s face it, a lot of drool, spit-up and diaper explosions happen that first year in baby’s crib. Do yourself a favour by stocking up on these affordable sheets made from sustainably grown cotton. LEN crib fitted sheet, $15 per 2 pack, ikea.com

fitted sheets for cribPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Security blanket

While toys in the crib aren’t recommended for infants, once your baby is old enough for a “lovey” or a security blanket, this is a great option. At only $4, you can stockpile a few so you have a backup one for the car, stroller, grandparents’ house or an extra one if yours gets dirty. LEKA snuggle blanket with soft toy, $4, ikea.com

baby stuffyPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Hooded towel

Bath time will be a breeze with this hooded towel that goes on like a poncho so you don’t have to worry about any tiny parts catching a chill. KLÄMMIG towel with hood, $12, ikea.com

kid in hooded towelPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Soft book

How cute is this little lamb? Plush books with different textures and sound effects are great for stimulating baby senses and can be tossed in the wash if they get covered in too much drool. LEKA play book, $8, ikea.com

soft baby bookPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Stacking cups

Who knew cups could be so much fun? This set is great because the cups nestle inside each other making them easy to transport. Bonus: the bottom of the cups have different sized holes making them fun toys to play with in the bath. MULA stack and nest cups $4, ikea.com

baby with stacking cupsPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Wash clothes

You’re going to go through a lot of wash clothes with a new baby. These are 100% cotton and come in a handy pack of 10. KRAMA washcloth, $6 per 10 pack, ikea.com

baby wash clothsPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Nursing pillow

Nursing pillows can get pricey but this one comes in at $25 and offers flexible support to mom and baby during feedings. LEN nursing pillow, $25, ikea.com

nursing pillowPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Door stop

No more worrying about creaky doors waking sleeping babies—or little ones getting their fingers pinched, ouch! These two way door stops slip underneath most standard doors to keep them snug in place. PATRULL door stop, $7 per 2 pack, ikea.com

18 best baby products at Ikea—all under $25Photo: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Drawer latches

Just like plugs, you want to keep little hands out of those kitchen drawers. Install them now, so you’re used to them by the time your little one is toddling around. PATRULL drawer/cabinet catch, $4 per 5 pack, ikea.com

drawer latchesPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

High chair

For many, high chairs are a big ticket item (often ringing in over $100), but they don’t have to be. This classic chair has a raised edge to prevent spilling, is simple to clean and can be easily disassembled and tucked away when you aren’t using it. ANTILOP high chair with tray, $25, ikea.com

baby in high chairPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Full coverage bib

Regular bib not enough to contain your baby foodie’s mess? This fits like a shirt with an adjustable neck that will grow with them. KLADDIG bib, $7, ikea.com

baby in high chairPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada


This set comes with two spoons: one that’s designed for baby to hold and another with a long handle to make feeding a breeze. BÖRJA feeding and baby spoon, $2, ikea.com

baby spoonsPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada


Save yourself some spills with this plate and bowl set made with flat, anti-slip bottoms. SMÅGLI plate/bowl, $6, ikea.com

baby dishesPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Sippy cups

Can we get one of these puppy sippy cups? Designed to make space for their nose so they don’t have to tilt their head back when they drink, these cups are as cute as they are functional. SMASKA training cup $5 per 2 pack, ikea.com

baby sippy cupsPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Shape sorter

Shape sorters are great first toys for developing minds. This one is made of wood and plastic, and is durable enough to deal with baby’s rough handling. MULA shape sorter, $10, ikea.com

baby playing with shape sorterPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Stacking rings

Finding a wood version of this classic stacking toy isn’t easy. This one is made from solid beech with a soft stick and seven colourful rings. MULA Stacking rings, $8, ikea.com

baby playing with ringsPhoto: Courtesy of Ikea Canada

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This article was originally published on Oct 17, 2018