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Weirdest baby names in Canada for 2015

Greek gods, Twilight and...Channing Tatum?! Here are the strangest names of 2015.

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We combed through the provincial statistics records to bring you the weirdest baby names of 2015. But before we dive in to these one-of-a-kind monikers, there were a few baby name trends we noticed.

It's no surprise that Frozen inspired several new moms and dads. That movie's influence on society may never end—cause you know, we just can't let it go. Elsa was favoured in both British Columbia and Alberta, while there quite a few Kristoffs in Alberta. Sadly, no one has named their babe after Olaf.

We're not sure why, but Twilight seems to have made a bit of a comeback, especially in British Columbia. Guess those neonate Twihards have grown up and become parents. So we'll be seeing some little Cullens, Caiuses and Esmes running around the playground soon. Which is fine, as long as they don't bite.

New parents also seem to have deep love for Channing Tatum, and we don't blame them. Why read a baby name book when you can watch Magic Mike instead? Inspired by the actor's last name, Tatum was used for both boys and girls in British Columbia and Alberta.

Little Nevaehs have been popping up all over Canada. The female name, which is the word "heaven" spelt backwards, appeared on every provincial list. Move over Olivia, Nevaeh may be the most popular girl name in Canada for 2016.

Another unusual trend to watch out for is the rise of Greek and Roman god names. Roll call at daycare may sound more like a party on Mount Olympus with names like Atlas, Apollo and Orion. We only hope squabbles over building blocks don't turn into Clash of the Titans.


And nobody puts Nova Scotia in the corner! The province must have some mad appreciation for Dirty Dancing since the name Baby was favoured for both boys and girls.

See the full list of 2015's weirdest baby names below. Please keep in mind, not all provinces had data available so there may be some bizarre names that are yet to be discovered. What do you think? Would you pick one of these names for your kid? We have to admit some of them are growing on us. And really, at the end of the day, what does it matter what we think—as long as the parents love the name, that's all the matters.

British Columbia Girls: Juniper Lyric Meadow Magnolia Princess Ripley Serene Tatum

Boys: Beckham Cullen Caius Fox Forest Gage King Orion Sterling Talon Tatum Thoron Zion

Alberta Boys: Castiel Corny Talon


Girls: Aura Blessing Cedar Echo Karma Khaleesi Lux Meadow Precious

Manitoba Boys: Nash Ryker

Quebec Girls: Rim Bebe Sakura Sephora Tea

Boys: Malik Loan Skander Achille

New Brunswick Boys: Ryker Maverick Denver


Girls: River

Nova Scotia: Baby (for both boys and girls)

If you're wondering what the most popular baby names were for 2015, check out this complete list. Plus, the favourite names in each province.

This article was originally published on Jul 15, 2016

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