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Top 20 baby names in Ontario for 2018

The latest list of top baby names in Ontario is here. Did your kid's name make the cut? (Plus we've got the top 20 Ontario names from the last 100 years!)

Top 20 baby names in Ontario for 2018

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Whether you're looking for the perfect name for your little bun in the oven, or you want to know what names to skip over so your kid's moniker is unique, the latest data on top baby names in Ontario is here to help.

The names on these lists aren't too different from the past few years, which doesn't really come as a surprise. On the girls' side, the top four names remain exactly the same as they've been for the past two years, with Olivia, Emma, Charlotte and Ava all going strong. But below that, names such as Evelyn, Chloe and Ella have reclaimed their spots in the top 10.

The boys' names have remained similarly unsurprising, but with a teeny bit of a shake up. Noah, Liam and Benjamin have carried the top three spots since 2016, all taking turns claiming the top prize, but this year it's Noah's turn to triumph.

Here's the list for 2018:

Boys 1. Noah 2. Liam 3. Benjamin 4. William 5. Logan 6. Lucas 7. Jacob 8. Ethan 9. Oliver 10. James

Girls 1. Olivia 2. Emma 3. Charlotte 4. Ava 5. Amelia 6. Sophia 7. Evelyn 8. Abigail/Chloe 9. Ella 10. Emily

This year also marks the 100th year of baby name data collection in Ontario, which started back in 1917. (Because of how the province collects their data, this list is technically the top names for babies born in 2017—but parents have until 2018 to register their names, so this is the latest baby name data available.)

As such, the province also released the 20 most popular baby names over the past 100 years. While none of today's top 10 girls' names made the cut, two names from the boys side—William and James—proved that they have century-long staying power.


Here's the list for 1917-2017:

Boys 1. Joseph 2. John 3. Robert 4. Michael 5. David 6. William 7. James 8. Christopher 9. Daniel 10. Richard

Girls 1. Marie 2. Mary 3. Jennifer 4. Margaret 5. Patricia 6. Elizabeth 7. Sarah 8. Susan 9. Linda 10. Barbara

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