The top 14 baby names your parents and in-laws will hate

What you name your baby is your choice. But if you opt for one of these names, you might hear about it from the grandparents.

Are you thinking of naming your baby Noah? Roger? Or Charlotte? Go for it—that is, unless it's important to you that your parents or in-laws like the name, too.

A new survey of more than 2,000 parents and grandparents conducted by UK websites Mumsnet and Gransnet reveals that nearly one-fifth (19 percent) of grandparents hate or have hated their grandchild’s name. It gets worse: Six percent of new moms and dads have had a falling out with their parents because of this disagreement, and four percent said the disagreement was so bad, they actually had to end the relationship.

When asked why they disliked their grandchildren’s names, grandparents said the names were too odd or unconventional, sounded made up or were too old-fashioned (so, basically, the names were either too new or too old). What also bugs grandparents is when the names they suggested or wanted passed down through the family didn’t make the cut.

Here’s the list of 14 names that are most likely bound to aggravate your parents and in-laws:

1. Aurora 2. Edna 3. Charlotte 4. Lindsay 5. Sally 6. Bertha 7. Tabitha 8. Jack 9. Noah 10. Roger 11. Elijah 12. Frank 13. Finn 14. Ian

The survey found that baby-name dislike comes more often from grandmothers (44 percent) than grandfathers (14 percent), but on a positive (?) note, grandparents are finding a way to not saying their grandkids' names at all! Nine percent of grandparents said they avoid using the name completely.


The lesson from this survey? Even after you’ve grown and flourished into adults, your decisions may still incur the wrath of your parents. The good news is, you get to choose whether or not you actually care.

This article was originally published on Sep 13, 2017

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