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20 jewel and gemstone-inspired baby names

Rich and saturated jewel tones are trending for 2019. The fad is also rippling through the maternity ward, inspiring expecting parents who are searching for unique names for their newborns, too.

20 jewel and gemstone-inspired baby names

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This gemstone signifies that you’re a February baby. In Ancient Greece, amethysts symbolize royalty, and were believed to protect its wearers from a weak mind.


Looking for something with a little more je ne sais quoi? Look no further than Bijou: This name is the French word for jewel, but is also associated with things that are small and elegant, just like your baby. (Um, except for when you’re dealing with diaper blowouts.)


Of course coral is a semi-precious sea growth that is used for vibrant jewellery, but the name first gained popularity as a baby name in Victorian England, much like sister names Ruby and Pearl.  



This April birthstone is one of the most valuable and sparkling gems on earth, and its name is derived from the Latin adamas, meaning “invincible and untamed.”


Latin for jewel, Gemma is a great choice for parents looking for a name that’s also associated with Catholicism. Saint Gemma was an Italian saint canonized in 1940 after a lifetime of service to the poor in her home city of Lucca, Italy. This name is also very popular in the UK.


Opals are those gorgeous, milky-white and iridescent stones you see in vintage rings and cameos. The word derives from Sanskrit—upala— and also means jewel. Consider this name if your baby is arriving in October.  



You might associate this name with someone’s grandmother, but like other classic or old-timey names, Pearl is experiencing a comeback. If you’re having a baby in June, it’s also one of the birthstone for babies born at the start of the summer, and is commonly associated with Geminis. First recorded over 4,000 years ago in ancient China, pearls were once considered the ultimate status symbol—they were once called the Queen of Gems.


Anticipating a ginger-haired baby? Ruby might be the perfect name. Associated with the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and a birthstone for July babies, rubies represent health and wisdom and sparkle in various ruddy hues, from pinkish to deep red.



Sapphires are known for their beautiful blue hue, but the gemstone name comes from the Hebrew word Saphira, meaning gem. Sapphires are the birthstone for September and are associated with Virgos.


This ancient Persian name is often associated with Princess Soraya of Iran, but it comes from the Arabic word for the Pleiades—a constellation also known as The Seven Sisters—and is associated with Taurus in the Zodiac. The name, although associated with the bright lights of the constellation, also means gem and is perfect for families looking for ethereal, otherworldly names.



Alexandrite is considered nature’s magic trick: this gemstone can change colour from red to green depending on the light. It's also one of June’s birth month stones (along with pearl and moonstone). It was first discovered by Prince Alexander II in Russia’s Ural emerald mines in 1830, quickly becoming the most prized stone in Russia because its colours represented the Imperial army’s military colours.



Garnets are dark red gemstones often associated with pomegranates, which is the fruit ancient Greeks associated with winter and spring rebirth. (In Greek mythology, pomegranate seeds play a role in the story of Persephone, the demigoddess who was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld. Persephone had to stay with him one month for every seed she ate.)


Yes, it’s a beautiful alpine town and national park in the Canadian Rockies, but Jasper is also a spotted or speckled stone—an opaque quartz. Derived from the Ancient Greek word iapsis, the stone is considered grounding and is often called the supreme nurturer. In ancient times, jasper was often worn by shamans, priests and kings as a protection stone.



Derived from the Spanish (piedra de la ijada), jade was prized in Spain because it was believed to heal colic in babies. (Hopefully your little Jaiden isn’t colicky.) Jade is also highly prized in South East Asia, particularly in China, where Confucius believed its properties encouraged purity, bravery and honesty.


Jett comes from the Latin word gagates, meaning lapis. It’s actually a mineraloid type of lignite, and a precursor to coal, derived from wood that has decayed under extreme pressure. It’s a great name for babies with jet-black hair, or for parents looking for a short, punchy name for their baby (with a rock and roll feel, too).


Mica is a form of mineral known as a silicate—it forms over time in distinct layers. You can find mica in black, purple, brown, silver and even clear crystalline formations. The word comes from the Latin for crumb, and was most likely an offshoot of the word micare, which means glitter.



This deep black gemstone often has bands of colour running through it, which is where the name comes from: in Ancient Greek, onyx meant claw or fingernail. If you’re looking for a truly unique gemstone name, Onyx is it.


Although Silver is most often associated as a surname, it’s growing in popularity as a first name. The name Silver is associated with charm, love, and life—perfect for a new addition to your family.



This old English name comes from the name given to Eastern silver refiners in pre-medieval England. Meaning “of high quality and pure,” this name is a great one if you’re looking for a name that evokes strength and power.


Like Gemma or Jewel, Stone is quite literal, but it’s the perfect catch-all name for parents looking for a natural, powerful name.

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