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The spelling of this baby's name went too far

We're all for being creative, but the spelling of this baby's name is more than we can handle.

These days, expectant parents want their babies to have unique names, which probably stems from their own childhoods being littered with an over-abundance of Michaels, Jessicas, Jennifers and Matthews (among other names). But in the pursuit of individuality, one (annoying) naming trend has emerged where babies are being given names that sound normal but have the weirdest spelling.

Consider the following: Bryttknee, Jehfrie, Ahlysa or Cehvan. Just NO.

While these examples may be the extreme, it’s not a far reach from what some parents are actually naming their kids. In fact, a couple years ago the people of Reddit uncovered what has to be the most preposterous spelling of a normal name the world has ever seen. Are you ready for this?

When the alphabet isn’t enough to express your individuality. from funny

Yup, that cute little baby’s name is KVIIIlyn, as in Kaitlyn spelled with the Roman numeral VIII to stand in for the “ait” sound. This is especially hilarious considering the name already has SO MANY spelling alternatives.

We think the spelling is a step out of bounds, but we have good reason! How are they going to explain that pronunciation to their daughter? When she’s learning to read, how are they going to teach her that her name is just an exception to the rules of phonetics without having to delve into teaching Roman numerals as well? Also, three capital “I’s” followed by a lowercase “l”? It’s madness!

frowning baby Why are we choosing such ridiculous baby names?To be fair, the Roman numerals do look a bit more aesthetically pleasing than if the parents had taken a page from Avril Lavigne’s popular song, “Sk8r Boi,” but let’s be real, that name is definitely going to trip up so many substitute teachers over the next few years.

So, here’s our PSA to parents: We’re all for having fun with naming your kid, but please remember that you are not just naming an adorable baby, you’re naming a person who has to exist in this world with that name long after the diapers come off.

Hopefully KVIIIlyn has a reasonable middle name to give her some options in the years to come. Goodness knows, she’ll need it.

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