10 most common things kids stick up their nose (other than fingers)

We asked three medical professionals and compiled a list of items they've had to extract from tiny nasal passages.

By Today's Parent staff
NOSEPICKER660 Photo: iStockphoto

"What did you put up your nose?"

Three medical professionals gave us anecdotal evidence to compile a very unscientific list of the most common things kids put up their noses.

We're going to start with number 10—just for the suspense.

10. Small game pieces "Back in the day it was Lego, more recently, Polly Pockets," says Michael Dickinson, head of pediatrics and chief of staff at the Miramichi Regional Hospital in New Brunswick.

9. Balls of paper or tissue "Toddlers exploring their bodies is a natural part of development and putting small items up their noses is part of this exploration," says Marilyn Ballantyne, PhD, nurse practitioner-pediatrics and assistant professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

8. Play Dough Well, when made with Kool-Aid, Play Dough does smell pretty good...


7. Raisins "Kids just love the nose and those two mysterious holes," says Jonathon Maguire, staff pediatrician at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and assistant professor at University of Toronto.

6. Crayons "In general, they like to put anything that is small that fits in their nose and is available where they play and live," says Ballantyne.

5. Pebbles This may make some parents squeamish considering how painful pebbles up the nose sounds — but it can happen. Don't abandon the playground entirely, but do keep a watchful eye on your little monkey!

4. Marbles Can we just say: "Ouch!"

3. Cheerios Wonder if this is with or without milk?


2. Peas Can you guess what #1 is?

1. Beads Beads topped the list for all three medical professionals. What has your kid put up his or her nose?

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