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12 Star Wars birthday party ideas

From Death Star piñatas to lightsaber tag, here's how to throw a party that's out of this galaxy.

By Davina Sinnatamby

12 Star Wars birthday party ideas

Star Wars Party Ideas


Your little one’s birthday, it is. Celebrate, you must. Invite all his Padawan playmates to celebrate the big day with these invitations. Simply type out your text in white with varying font sizes and place it on a black background to resemble the opening credits of the movies. You can add your own Star Wars-themed birthday phrases, like “The force is calling you to celebrate.”

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As the guests arrive, present them with a lightsaber so they can defend the galaxy. These easy DIY lightsabers can be made with colourful pool noodles, black duct tape and silver duct tape. The great thing about these is that if someone joins the Dark Side and an attack breaks out, no one’s getting seriously injured. You can let the Jedis take them home in lieu of a loot bag.

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Lightsaber lights

Keep the lightsaber theme going with these DIY lightsaber lights. You can use them to decorate your backyard or  living room. Simply modify regular Christmas lights with coloured straws and black and silver duct tape. Turn them on and you’re ready to join the Light Side.

Get the instructions: Lightsaber lights

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Star balloons

These balloons put the star in Star Wars. Create an awesome galaxy experience by covering your house with star balloons, or use a few to make a centrepiece that’s worthy of a Jedi Master.


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Food labels

Serve up a birthday meal that’s out of this galaxy with hilarious Star Wars-themed menu items and punny labels. Let the kids snack on Padawan Popcorn and Trooper Scoopers with salsa. Then, serve them Obi-Wan Kabob-ies or Hutt Dogs with Han Burgers as the main meal. And don’t forget the Jar Jar Drinks. You can print out these free labels or come up with your own ideas. 


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Death Star Piñata

Gather all the Lukes and Leias and tell them it’s time to destroy the Death Star. Get ready for an epic battle of good vs. evil. It’s on like Alderaan! You can even have them attack the piñata with their pool noodle lightsabers. You can make your own piñata or buy one from Etsy.


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BB-8 cake

For dessert, present the birthday boy or girl with a BB-8 inspired cake. Use two round cake pans to make the head and body. You can decorate your droid with white, orange and grey icing or candy. If you’re having trouble making a professional-looking cake, try this step by step BB-8 cake for beginners instead.

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Leia cupcakes

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I don’t like decorating cakes! And you’re my only hope.” Have no fear—you can make these incredibly easy Leia cupcakes instead. Just make your go-to cupcakes and decorate them with white icing, chocolate chips and Oreos.

Get the instructions: Leia cupcakes

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Crayon craft

Got broken crayons lying around your house? Turn them into a fun craft that doubles as a party favour. Have the kids fill up some Star Wars-themed ice cube trays with crayons. Then, bake them in the oven. Once they’ve cooled, pop them out. The kids will love colouring with their multi-coloured droids and spacecrafts. 

Get the instructions: Crayon craft


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Lightsaber tag

Having an outdoor party? Play a game of lightsaber tag. Each kid can play with their pool noodle lightsaber. Have one kid be “It.” When they tag someone (by tapping them with a noodle), that Jedi must remain frozen like Han Solo in Carbonite. For added fun, have an adult dress up as Darth Vader and join the party in the middle of the game. Play The Imperial March when the Sith Lord enters and watch the kids freak out. You can make up your own rules or try this version.

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Pin the lightsaber on Yoda

As the great Yoda once said: “Do or do not. There is no try.” In this twist on the old classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, young Padawans must use the force to pin the lightsaber on everyone’s favourite green Jedi Master. Making this game is simple: Just print out or draw an image of Yoda and some coloured lightsabers (one for each guest), and you’re done. You could also try Pin the Ears on Yoda. Get creative and may the fun be with you! 

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Stormtrooper loot bags

After a great day of defending the galaxy, send the Jedis back to their home planets with these DIY stormtrooper loot bags. All you need are some white gift bags with handles, black foam sticky paper and black markers. Fill them up with Star Wars-themed goodies. 

Get the instructions: Stormtrooper loot bags

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