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Not sure what activities your kid should do? Check their sun sign

When it comes to extracurriculars, the zodiac says your little Leo is bound for drama club and your Taurus will thrive as class treasurer.

Not sure what activities your kid should do? Check their sun sign

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The school day is a weird thing. For seven to eight hours, your precious child's development is suddenly out of your hands, and put in the hands of an outsider. That loss of control can be jarring for many parents who have spent days, weeks, years fretting over their child's development, and calculating how to give them the best possible start in life. But there are ways you can still help influence and optimize your child's school year once the morning bell rings. Astrology can help.

My area of expertise—professional astrology, with a focus on women, parents and children—may have its roots in a 30,000 year old system, but today's practice is adjusted for the modern world, and can help you to understand your child's character, motivations, talents and learning style. You're probably already familiar with your child’s sun sign (Gemini, Virgo, etc.). It’s the zodiac sign that the sun was transiting through when your child was born, and is associated with a particular set of core personality characteristics.

So while you can't do much about the core curriculum, encouraging them to try after-school clubs, electives and classroom roles that jibe with their predestined interests and talents could provide the confidence boost they need this school year.

Here are some insights into your child's zodiac sign, and how you can use it to help them be the best little goat or lion or centaur they can be. (Note: The dates for each zodiac sign actually vary from year to year, and may be a little different than the dates you're familiar with. If your child was born on the cusp of two signs, your best bet is to construct their astrological birth chart to get an exact reading.)


Aries (approx. March 20 - April 18)

Aries kids, under the influence of fiery Mars, are natural leaders who love being physically active (something you've no doubt caught on to by now). Sign your charging ram up for sports; a team where they can be a captain or an individual sport are especially good options. Not the varsity type? Academic contests, whether it’s a school-wide science fair or a national creative writing contest, will seize on an Aries’ love of competition. Aries kids also enjoy working with their hands, which can inspire at-home projects like model-building, woodcrafting or sensory bins.

Taurus (approx. April 19 - May 19) 

Taurus children, under the creative influence of Venus, are budding artists with an eye for aesthetics. Your patient little Taurean will feel right in their element in a visual arts class or club, and may enjoy class or weekend trips to art museums. Taurus children are also practical, specifically when it comes to working with money and collecting things. Encourage them to step up as a class or club treasurer, collecting money for a field trip or a charitable cause. They may also enjoy leading the charge on tasks like the classroom job chart.

Gemini (approx. May 20 - June 20) 

A parent of a Gemini will not be surprised to learn that talking and being social is the essence of their child's sun sign. Gemini is governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, so encourage your kid to lean into this strength by joining the school radio or TV station, or volunteering to read morning announcements. Working on the school newspaper or volunteering at the library will engage their passion for reading and writing. Your child may also love running a blog, even if it’s just for close friends and family, and selling ads for the yearbook club would exercise their knack for networking.

Cancer (approx. June 21 - July 21)

Governed by the Moon, which represents the nurturing archetype of the mother, Cancer is among the most emotional and sensitive zodiac signs. You can stimulate your child’s empathetic nature by encouraging them to volunteer at the school cafeteria, distributing meals to students. A warm and cozy environment is important to your hermit crab, which means they may enjoy decorating or tidying up in the classroom. Cancers are known for their empathetic nature, but also their moods, which can turn on a dime from happy, to, well, crabby. Yoga, mindfulness or meditation classes can help your child regulate those complex emotions.

Leo (approx. July 22 - August 21)


Ruled by the powerful energy of the sun (the centre of the solar system, mind you), Leo children are creative and born for the spotlight. Encourage your Leo to express themself—and earn the attention they love— through drama club, a talent show or student council. Other Leos may thrive under the stadium lights, where an individual sport can engage their love of competition and recognition (and, dare we say, lionization?). Even encouraging your little Simba to actively participate in class discussions will satisfy a need for self-expression.

Virgo (approx. August 22 - September 21) 

Virgo children have an altruistic desire to be helpful to others and feel needed. Encourage your Virgo to volunteer at school and in the community. Guided by the intellect of Mercury, Virgos are also analytical and meticulous, which lends itself to activities like puzzle solving and chess club. The dexterous Virgo will love to work with their hands while exercising strong attention to detail in activities like ceramics, origami, sewing or scrapbooking. Virgos thrive in an organized environment and may enjoy cleaning up in the classroom or, if you're lucky, at home.

Libra (approx. September 22 - October 22) 

Libra children are social and cooperative, and will benefit from group projects or study partners. Libras are also diplomatic and can see an issue from multiple perspectives, a quality that would serve them well in debate club, Model UN or peer counselling opportunities. Governed by the creative energy of Venus, Libra children enjoy artistic pursuits and have a particular eye for beauty. Encourage them to pursue an art—visual or otherwise—from drawing and painting, to music and dancing, to yearbook photography or a school fashion show. 

Scorpio (approx. October 23 - November 21) 

The incredible willpower and focus that your Scorpio child possesses is best expressed through competitive sports. Encourage your kid to sign up for an athletic club that requires intensive training (two-a-days, anyone?) or a full-contact sport that serves up an adrenaline rush while releasing some of their natural aggression, like hockey or martial arts. Activities that emphasize outdoor survival skills would spark the interests of your daredevil. Scorpio children, influenced by the vitality of Pluto, are risk-takers, especially when it comes to finances. Encourage your kid to start a venture capital club at school or flex their entrepreneurial skills by starting a business.

Sagittarius (approx. November 22 - December 20) 

With a thirst for knowledge and open-minded nature, Sagittarius kids have an air of wisdom about them. As a result, your child may also have an innate knack for mentoring or coaching others, and may feel best when tutoring siblings or classmates; taking a younger student under their wing will be a certain confidence boost. A Sagittarius, driven by the philosophical Jupiter, has a natural curiosity and a sense of wanderlust, qualities that can be cultivated in quiz clubs, foreign language classes and, for older children, exchange programs. 

Capricorn (approx. December 21 - January 19) 


Capricorn children are ambitious and dutiful, and thrive under hierarchy. Clubs and activities that exercise leadership and managerial skills—think joining student council, running for class president or even taking the lead in a group project—would allow your Capricorn child to shine. Your kid’s love for order, logic and construction makes puzzles, board games and STEM building toys an ideal pastime. The symbol of Capricorn is the mountain goat, which, for your child, may translate to an interest in hiking or mountaineering as part of an outdoors club. 

Aquarius (approx. January 20 - February 17) 

Aquarians, under the influence of the quirky Uranus (the only planet that rotates on its side), are born activists, with strong progressive and rebellious streaks. Whether it's starting an eco club or lobbying the school or local government for change, your Aquarius kid will find a great way to flex that revolutionary spirit. Aquarius children are also innovative and may enjoy taking part in science and robotics clubs. Embolden your little eccentric by encouraging them to express themselves through their fashion choices or by joining an improv comedy club.

Pisces (approx. February 18 - March 19) 

The vast imaginations and creative talents of a Pisces, ruled by dreamy Neptune, would find joy expressing themself through playing an instrument, joining a photography club, or honing their talent for creative writing through poetry or short stories. Pisces children, like the fish that represents them, are especially happy in water, so the swim team may be a natural fit, if they're not put off by the competitive aspect. Their empathetic and compassionate nature may be best expressed through volunteer opportunities at school or in their community.

This article was originally published on Sep 09, 2022

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