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13 iconic toys from the '70s

From a pet rock to a mostly-naked wrestler filled with syrup, how many of these classic '70s toys did you have?

13 iconic toys from the '70s

Photo: The Strong

Iconic ’70s toys

Baby Alive

Ah, 1973. This was the year Baby Alive hit the scene with all the eating, pooping and puking—just like a real baby. 

Buy it: $70,

Box from the 70s of a girl feeding her Baby AlivePhoto: The Strong


Milton Bradley took this pencil and paper game and reinvented it as the 3D guessing game we know and love today. A3? MISS!

Buy it: $18,

Original packaging of the board game BattleshipPhoto: The Strong



Invented by a former NASA employee and his family, it was human VS computer in this handheld electronic game which featured Tic Tac Toe, Music Machine and Echo amongst other challenges. 

Merlin game from the 70sPhoto: The Strong


Produced from 1976 to 1980, these Sci-Fi action figures were just little guys, standing at four-inches tall and were very painful to step on. Marvel released comic books based on the line of toys.

Micronaut action figures from the 70sPhoto: The Strong

Pet Rock

Pet Rocks had a short lifespan in the mid ’70s due to the fact that, well, they were just rocks in a box with straw that sold for $4 a pop. The guy who invented isn’t fussed, though. HE BECAME A MILLIONAIRE FROM SELLING ROCKS!

70s toy Pet Rock with it's original boxPhoto: The Strong


Stretch Armstrong

Showing up to the party in 1976, Stretch Armstrong—the half naked wrestler filled with sticky syrup—could be pulled, stretched and tied up. Your mom got real mad when he leaked, though. 

Buy it: $55,

vintage Stretch Armstrong boxPhoto: The Strong

Hungry Hungry Hippos

A gleeful game of gluttony, competitions could get pre-tty intense amongst siblings. 

But it: $20,

Box of classic game Hungry Hungry HipposPhoto: The Strong

Nerf Ball

This is where those orange darts got their start, a simple foam ball that could be played with indoors. 

Original Nerf ball with boxPhoto: The Strong



1978 was when the simple game of Simon Says went high tech for the first time. 

Buy it: $20,

Original Simon game with packagingPhoto: The Strong

Speak and Spell

Our kids have tablets with fancy apps, we had this rockin’ learning pad to teach us how to write good. Err…. 

Vintage speak and spell toyPhoto: The Strong

Star Wars action figures

With the STILL popular release of Star Wars in the late 70s came all of the merch. 

Buy it: $40,

Stormtrooper action figurePhoto: The Strong


Magna Doodle

Nope, not sorcery, just a cool way to move little magnetic particles to form a picture. Swiping it all away was a very theraputic way to pass the time. 

Buy it: $15,

Original magna doodle box from the 70sPhoto: The Strong


Hey, remember these ittle egg-shaped buddies that wouldn’t topple? “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.”

Weebles playground toy from the 70sPhoto: The Strong

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This article was originally published on Nov 22, 2017

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