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13 iconic toys from the '60s

You might be surprised to know that many of your favourite 60s toys are still on the market today. Now, go out and buy yourself a Slinky!

13 iconic toys from the '60s

Photo: The Strong

Iconic toys of the 60s

Creepy Crawlers

DIY bugs were within your grasp using die-cast metal moulds. That liquid chemical you’d use? It’s formal name is “Plastigoop”.

Box of Creepy Crawlers bog-making kitPhoto: The Strong


Originally made in 1959 by a Danish fisherman (and carved out of wood!), these little cuties went mainstream in 1963.

Troll with white hair in leather overallsPhoto: The Strong



What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound? A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it’s Slinky. Duh.

Buy it: $5,

classic Slinky with boxPhoto: The Strong


Originally developed in 1956, this toy went gangbusters, bringing in nearly $3 million in sales by the late ’60s. It’s still a household brand. 

Buy it: $2,

Can of original Play-DohPhoto: The Strong


1965 was the year that kids could stab a portly man to remove things like his funny bone, charley horse and the butterflies in his stomach. Hand-eye coordination has never been so fun?

Buy it: $23,

Board game of original Operation from the 1960sPhoto: The Strong


Mr. Potato Head

Did you know that the original Mr. Potato Head was made from stryofoam? The plastic version we know today came out in 1963. 

Buy it: $13,

Original plastic Mr Potato Head toyPhoto: The Strong


The original game came out in the 1930s, but it continues to be a much-loved property war. A special 30th anniversary edition came out in 1965. Gimme Park Place!

Buy it: $25,

Monopoly game boxPhoto: The Strong


Here’s the thing about Etch-A-Sketch, you’re either really good at it, or really really bad. But everyone is good at shaking it out. It debuted in 1960. 

Buy it: $25,

Red etch-a-sketchPhoto: The Strong



1967 was the year that dreams came true thanks to the simple concept of light-backed perforated board and colourful plastic plugs. 

Buy it: $35,

Lite Brite box with kids building a clown's facePhoto: The Strong

The Game of Life

What’s a rainy day without this old friend? Sometimes life gives you lemons and sometimes it gives you a reward. Ah, c’est la vie. 

Buy it: $28,

board game of the Game of LifePhoto: The Strong

Easy-Bake Oven

In 1963 we all became obsessed with miniature, not-great-tasting baked goods that we could pop in our own little oven. 

Buy it: $57,

Original box of Easy-Bake OvenPhoto: The Strong


Magic 8 Ball

The best little fortune teller around; will you go out and buy this toy for nostalgia purposes? It is certain.

Buy it: $13,

Magic 8 ballPhoto: The Strong

Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots

How many times did you knock your opponent’s robot’s block off? Like, always, because you were the best. 

Buy it: $20,

Classic rock 'em sock' em robot toyPhoto: The Strong

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This article was originally published on Nov 16, 2017

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