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3 ways to get toddlers to keep their hat on

Your toddler needs to wear a hat in the hot summer months. So what do you do if they're just not having it? These tips should help.

3 ways to get toddlers to keep their hat on

Photo: Alyssa Ashton

“Hat off!” is often one of a toddler’s first phrases—and, let’s be real, it’s usually more of a demand than a request. But hold your ground, parents. In the summer, kids of all ages need to protect their head, neck, ears and eyes from the sun. If your kid freaks every time, here are some strategies to try.

1. Buy a hat with a strap

As cute as that mini Blue Jays cap is, opt instead for a model that features a chinstrap. It won’t foil older kids, but babies and young toddlers usually won’t have the strength or dexterity to overpower the strap.

2. Let your kid choose which hat to wear

Kids thrive on perceived power. Rather than spending a lot on one nice hat for the summer, pay a little less and buy a few. Then you can let your kid choose which one to wear that day.

3. Be a role model and wear a hat yourself

Preschoolers and older kids won’t hesitate to call you on your hypocrisy if you expect them to put on a hat but don’t wear one yourself. Even if you aren’t a hat person, you need to grin and bear it. Do some shopping and find a hat you can live with. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and find one you actually love!

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