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If you live in this province, you could qualify for free childcare

One Canadian province is offering free childcare for parents whose annual income is under $37,500 in an effort to break the cycle of generational poverty

If you live in this province, you could qualify for free childcare

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Let's face it, having kids is expensive. And one of the priciest things working parents have to worry about is childcare—if you can even get your kids on a waitlist, that is.

This cost is especially hard to cover for low-income families with parents often working multiple jobs to get by. For example, if a single mom is working a retail job during the day and attending school at night, how can she afford to pay someone to look after her kids? Luckily, low-income families in New Brunswick are about to get some much-needed relief.

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant recently announced that the province would provide free daycare for low-income families whose annual gross income is less than $37,500.

The program—which is scheduled to be implemented province-wide by March 2019—is being offered to parents who work or attend school and have kids aged five and under attending a designated New Brunswick Early Learning Centre.

Donna Gates, executive director of Living SJ said in a news release that the announcement has the potential to "dramatically reduce" generational poverty in the province. “Giving parents options to help break the cycle of poverty is key, and the opportunity to access free child care will make a big difference to many families.”

This announcement accompanies what Gallant called "a holistic approach to supporting New Brunswick families," and is part of a three-year plan to invest $71 million to improve early learning and child care for the province's preschoolers. According to the announcement on the province's Facebook page, middle-income families making more than $37,500, but still seeing childcare eat up most of their pay, should get similar relief in the future.

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