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Is it possible for a child to grow too fast?

When kids outgrow their clothes, it can be annoying, but can growing so fast be bad for their health? Dr. Dina Kulik has the answer.

My first grader has been growing like a weed and is now several inches taller than all of her classmates! I’m worried about her not fitting in, but I’m also concerned about the health implications of growing so fast—are there any?

There are no health consequences for rapid growth—growth disorders are super rare—though some kids might get annoying growing pains in their legs from accelerated growth in the bones. Kids go through growth spurts throughout childhood, and it’s impossible to predict when those are going to happen, but you can look to your own height and your partner’s for indications of how your kid is going to grow. 

Little boy sleeping How much sleep should kids get? Your child’s body will grow as it wants to; just make sure they’re getting adequate nutrition and enough sleep to support that growth—children should get 10 to 12 hours of sleep even through adolescence. 

If you’re worried about your child fitting in, help build confidence by ensuring they participate in something they excel at or enjoy, like sports or music.

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