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Kids' fashion: What happens when kids dress themselves

Kids' fashion goes wild! Ten of our readers shared photos of what happened when they let their kids dress themselves.

Kids' fashion Photo: Tanya Corbin-Riley

"This is a picture of my daughter Olive about a year ago, she was 3.5 years old. I love the mix of the Hawaiian print capris and the fuzzy toque. Though she was very proud of the outfit she picked out (she called it "fashion styles") she was not too happy being photographed in it!" Tanya Corbin-Riley 
Kids' fashion Photo: Veronique Biron
"Here's a picture of my son Alex waiting to get his hair cut...I got him dressed in his winter jacket and then turned around to get myself ready. When I turned back he had put his Spiderman cape on along with his tuque and sunglasses. My stylish superhero." Veronique Biron 
Kids' fashion Photo: Kimberley Sproul If it's pink or sparkly, then this cutie is going to wear it! Kids' fashion Photo: Danielle Kreller
"This is Sophia. She is 4. She is known within my Facebook group as a 'fashionista.'  Nobody, and I mean Nobody, can dress her!  Theme of this outfit, layers! Bathing suit, leggings, long sleeve shirt, dress, skirt, vest, sparkle shoes (naturally), monster hat and of course sun glasses!" Danielle Kreller 
Kids' fashion Photo: Jen Leblanc
"This is my daughter Madison 6 years old. This was her chosen outfit for the day a few weeks ago. Lol." Jen Leblanc 
Kids' fashion Photo: Kerri Schira "Here is my son in one of his earliest creations at the age of 17 months." Kerri Schira  Kids' fashion Photo: Erin Celebre
"This is my daughter, Gabriella, ready to head outside in her "protective clothes"!  She is wearing her little sister's coat, her big sister's gloves, and her princess shoes.  The funny thing is that we live in North Bay, Ontario and the temperature here today is about -30c.  This child always has a truly unique sense of dress!" Erin Celebre 
Kids' fashion Photo: Samantha Bannister Summer Dorey has a talent for mixing patterns. Kids' fashion  Photo: Jenn Blue Relaxing on the deck in her tie-dye dress, peace sign pants and cozy purple sweater. Kids' fashion Photo: J. Jones Graham "An indoor Waterpark sparked this gem. While wearing nanny 's scarf of course." J Jones Graham  Read more: Hollywood's most fashionable kids Are kids clothes getting out of control?
This article was originally published on Feb 25, 2015

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