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16 best spelling apps for kids

These popular spelling apps are perfect tools to help kids learn spelling, grammar and vocabulary—and have fun doing it!

16 best spelling apps for kids

16 of the best spelling apps

A is for…

Flash cards? What flash cards! These 16 spelling apps for kids turn learning grammar and spelling into exciting games. Homework has never been this much fun. Click on for the best spelling apps! >>>>> Download the FREE Today’s Parent Milestones app for iPhone and iPad!

Screenshots and icons of various spelling appsPhoto: Google Play, iTunes

Curious About Letters

The uppercase letters have been separated from their lowercase partners and it’s up to your kids to bring them back together. They’ll get help from Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat. Together they’ll search high and low for all the letters and once they find them, they’ll trace them out and match them up. Ages 5 and under. $4,

curious about letters spelling appPhoto: iTunes


Ladybird: I’m Ready To Spell

Blast off into a spelling adventure with this app’s three interactive games, which will target your child’s specific vocabulary skills. From Speedy Spellings to Scrambled Spellings, this download’s colourful characters are a great addition to the learning process. Kids also have the opportunity to decorate their own spaceship and win trophies and stars. Ages 6 to 9. $3,, $4 Google Play

Screenshot from Ladybird I'm Ready to Spell appPhoto: Google Play

Avokiddo ABC Ride

Kids can join Beck and Bo on a ride-along spelling adventure. They’ll see mind blowing things like the letter E being hatched from an egg or the letter K jumping out of a kangaroo’s pouch and, in the process, will learn how to associate letters with words. Ages 5 and under. $4,

avokiddo spelling appPhoto: iTunes

abc PocketPhonics

If your preschooler needs a little help learning their first words and mastering handwriting, this app is a must. Aside from winning a number of awards, this download focuses on rewarding kids with certificates for great work. Parents can also monitor progress as little one learns how to write letters with her fingers. Ages 4 to 6. $10,

Screenshots from the abc PocketPhonics appPhoto: iTunes


Dinosaur Train A to Z

The PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train comes to life in this fun early spelling app. Ages 5 and under. $3,

dinosaur train spelling appPhoto: iTunes

Kids Spelling Games

With more than 100 words, this is a great app for young learners. Your child can drag and drop letters to learn how to put popular words together. And it’s not just about spelling—there are also audio cues to learn how to pronounce words. The app’s images, moreover, are the perfect add-on for simple word association. Ages 4 to 6. Free, Google Play

Screenshot from the Kids Spelling Games AppPhoto: Google Play

Spelling Monster

Whether your child is learning three-letter words or 13-letter words, this app and all its little spelling monsters can help. There are a number of mini games built into the download, and you can share spelling lists between devices. The ”parent gate” makes it simple to track your child’s progress, including the length of time each game is played. The focus of this app is comprehensive spelling, but it’s also a whole lot of colourful fun. Ages 6 to 8. $2, Free, Google Play

spelling monster appPhoto: iTunes


Vocabulary Spelling City

One of the top features in this game is HangMouse, a fun and family-friendly activity that encourages kids to figure out a word before the cat catches the mouse (think Hangman for spelling). The Missing Letter feature, on the other hand, encourages young learners to complete words by recognizing patterns. There is also an option to upgrade this app for premium vocabulary and spelling activities. Ages 6 to 9. Free,, Google Play

Screenshot from the Vocabulary Spelling City appPhoto: Google Play

Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game

This arcade-style game is a win for any iPad-loving family. Created by Oxford University Press, Pip the Parrot is the fly-away spelling guide in this jungle of words. There are lots of opportunities to win spelling awards throughout, and the soundtrack will keep the game moving along. Parents will love the multiple profile feature so they can keep track of each child’s progress. Ages 6 to 9. $6,

spell with pip spelling appPhoto: iTunes


This app focuses on week-by-week spelling progress. Set up a homegrown spelling challenge for each seven-day period, and let your kid collect rewards. Games like Hangman are built into the app, and if you need more spelling ideas, SpellingCity can help with dozens of pre-populated options. Ages 6 to 12. Free, Google Play

Screenshot from the My Spelling appPhoto: Google Play



Adults may know Grammar Girl, a real-life woman who has taught grammar to millions (including Oprah!). This educational app is her creation, a perfect complement to what your school-aged kids are learning in the classroom. While this download does teach your kids how to spell, it also helps them to understand articles, nouns and verbs so they’ll be grammar stars in no time. Ages 6 to 9. $3,

16 best spelling apps for kidsPhoto: iTunes

Spelling Bee

When you choose your child’s grade, this spelling app will prompt your son or daughter with an age-appropriate word and a timer (Grades One through Eight). This fast-paced activity will speed up your kid’s learning progress. Ages 6 to 12. Free, Windows

Screenshot from the Spelling Bee appPhoto: Windows

Word Magic

Letters have magically disappeared from the beginning, middle and end of words. Your child will select the correct letter to fill in the blank with an image as a helpful hint. They will be rewarded with an encouraging voice for a correct answer and a star for every five answers. Shake your phone for a new word to complete. Ages 3 to 8. $2,

16 best spelling apps for kidsPhoto: iTunes


Rocket Speller

Help Zip the Alien build a new rocket to return to the cosmos in this fun and interactive space adventure. With five levels of difficulty, your kids will progress at their own speed, spelling words to both fuel the ship and collect the parts needed to complete the rocket for takeoff. Explore space with Zip when you are launched in his newly built rocket to collect stars. Ages 3 to 7. $2,

16 best spelling apps for kidsPhoto: iTunes

Spell Bear

Spell Bear helps your little one learn how to spell simple words at three levels of difficulty. At the easiest level, letter tiles are scrambled and must be rearranged. At the medium level, just the first letter of the word is given and at the hardest level, all of the letter tiles are blank. Correct answers are rewarded with bear stamps that can be used to customize your bear’s outfit. Ages 5 and under. $2,

16 best spelling apps for kidsPhoto: iTunes

Squeebles Spelling Test

Customize your child’s spelling list with Squeebles Spelling Test, an app that allows you to not only choose the selection of words but also record each word in your own voice. Ages 5 to 11. $4,

16 best spelling apps for kidsPhoto: iTunes

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This article was originally published on Aug 10, 2016

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