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Jennifer Anderson

The dietician and mom of two filled our plates with a bounty of mealtime tips and tricks on her wildly popular Instagram account.

Name: Jennifer Anderson
Best known for: Helps parents feed their kids through her wildly popular Instagram account
Social media: on Instagram

There’s no lack of dietitians on social media offering advice about how to feed kids. But there’s something special about Jennifer Anderson, the force behind the must-follow Kids.Eat.In.Color Instagram account. Through eye-catching food photography and scientifically backed tips and tricks, the mom of two presents simple but quite brilliant food and nutrition advice to parents without even a hint of judgment or fear monger- ing—even when faced with the trickiest of topics, like picky eating and childhood obesity. This year, thanks in part to a surprise endorsement by celeb mom Kristen Bell and the resulting boost in followers (she’s up to a million now), Anderson was able to quit her day job and offer even more support to parents around the world.

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