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12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

Busy moms need skincare products that can multitask. From cracked cuticles to stretch marks, these all-in-one sticks and salves have you covered.

By Simone Olivero

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

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multi-purpose moisturizers we love

Escentials Wellness Dermacare Skin Salve

Looking for a natural remedy for dry winter skin? This toxic- and cruelty-free moistruizer is made with 80 per cent organic ingredients, including fair-trade shea butter. $25, escentialwellness.com

A small, metal container of escential wellness dermacare skin salvePhoto: escentialwellness.com

Neostrata antioxidant defense serum

Be prepared to face any weather with this new serum. This oil-free product uses cirtic acid, lilac acid, green tea extracts, and Chardonnay grape seed extracts to preserve healthy-looking skin and protect against 5 types of environmental stress. $85, shoppersdrugmart.ca

NEOSTRATA bottle of antioxidant defense serum.Photo: Neostrata

Fearless Stretch Mark Body Butter

Prevent and hydrate stretch marks with this natural and organic body butter. Made with no water or fillers, this thick, creamy formula will keep your skin extremely moisturized. $35, Skinandsenses.com.

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

The Everything Balm

This simple, yet effective, body balm made from soothing shea butter, avocado butter, and vitamin E, will hydrate everything from your elbows to your stretch marks. And with a touch of grapefruit essential oil, it also smells amazing. $24, Joyoushealth.com.

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

All Purpose Salve

This moisturizing product helps mend skin damage, protects your skin from wind and cold, while also preventing any irritation of inflamtion. Keep yourself extra hydrated this winter with this all-purpose salve. $12, Wildcraftcare.ca.

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

Sibu Miracle Stick

This easy-to-use stick balm is made with oraganic sea buckthorn seed oils, along wih other naturally soothing ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax to help relieve sunburn, windburn, cracked heals and cuticles, rashes, eczema, minor cuts, wounds or insect bites. $16, Naturalhealthyconcepts.com

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

The Restoration Mask

This multi-action mask is a hydrating treatment that refines any imperfect skin textures and leaves behind a radiant and glowy complexion. Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, gotu kola and Arctic mud. $49, Schaf.ca

tub of moisturizing mask

Stretch Mark Tummy Cream

To be used during and after pregnancy, this extra mild formula is rich in natural and organic ingredients that are proven to prevent or minimise stretch marks. Also, 10 per cent of proceeds from sales are donated to The Tiny Miracles charity foundation in India to give children, big and small, a better start in life. $30, Rituals.com

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

Healing Eczema balm

With the perfect blend of organic plant-based ingredients, this targeted balm powerfully relieves common skin issues — from eczema flare-ups, to psoriasis, to rashes. It’s also gentle enough for babies and anyone with sensitive skin. $52, Provinceapothecary.com

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

Lavender Lotion Stick

This ultra-moisturizing and easy-to-use lavender lotion bar is convenient and incredibly soothing. Formulated with only organic ingredients, including grapeseed oil, beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil, this product will leave you feeling and smelling divine. $6, Duckish.ca.

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

All Over Elixir Oil

Infused with chamomile and lavender, this multi-tasking oil will leave your body feeling perfectly hydrated and is also gentle enough to also be used on your face. For extra absorption, apply on wet skin. $38, Graydonskincare.ca.

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

Zincuta ointment

This speciality cream soothes and heals common skin issues including chafes, burns, abrasions, sores, bites and eczema. It’s made with all natural ingredients and was inspired by the works of the well-respected veterinarian, Dr. Josiah C. Case. $13, Zincuta.com

12 multi-purpose moisturizers we love

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This article was originally published on Jan 02, 2019