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8 Best Postpartum Vitamins 2024

They're high in nutrients like biotin, calcium and vitamin D.

8 Best Postpartum Vitamins 2024


After nine months (and all those weird cravings), your plans for a balanced diet may be nonexistent — while the best prenatal gummies are chocked full of nutrients for you and baby during your pregnancy, postpartum vitamins are your best friend once your little one has arrived. High in vitamins like biotin, calcium and Vitamin D, they are the perfect addition to your newborn checklist!

What to look for in the best postpartum vitamins

Before looking into postpartum or postnatal vitamins, you'll need to know the difference between the two. Gil Weiss (MD), OBGYN at The Association for Women's Health Care and assistant professor of clinical medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago says prenatal vitamins have higher levels of folic acid and iron to support a developing fetus—that changes after you give birth.

During pregnancy, a woman's body diverts key nutrients and blood to the baby, and after delivery a lot of women become deficient, says Dr. Alicia Robbins, a board-certified OBGYN and lifestyle medicine physician at The Elm Greenwich.

Women can lose significant amounts of blood during delivery, so it's important to replenish iron stores to prevent anemia. Postpartum vitamins also have higher amounts of vitamin D, calcium, zinc and vitamin B.

Ideally, you get vitamins from what you eat, but Dr. Robbins acknowledges that postpartum is so unpredictable that a vitamin can help where you might be lacking.

Best postpartum vitamins 2024

Best overall

Mama's Select Postnatal Plus Multivitamin

Mama's Select Postnatal Plus Multivitamin, best postpartum vitamins Merchant

Mama's Select Postnatal Plus vitamins offer nourishment to get you through the postpartum period. The multivitamin is made from capsules made of vegetables, making them easy to absorb in the body. Essential vitamins like vitamin D, calcium, iron and zinc support you, as well as folate and vitamin B12 for nursing and recovery.


The formula features additional antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin E to help with immune function and hair loss. Many postpartum moms praise these vitamins for boosting energy and maintaining health.


  • Features essential nutrients including vitamin D, calcium, iron
  • Includes two month supply (60 capsules)
  • Boosts immunity
  • Promotes hair and nail growth
  • Easy to swallow essential vitamins and minerals


  • Some reviewers say it doesn't help with lactation

Best budget

Nature Made Postnatal Multivitamin

Nature Made Postnatal Multivitamin, best postpartum vitamins Merchant

20 key nutrients for baby and mom are squeezed into one Naturemade Postnatal Multi + DHA vitamin. The supplement is specially formulated with higher amounts of vitamin A, C, D and E to meet the increased demands during this unique period of life. It promotes vision health, immune system function and tissue growth in mothers and breastfeeding infants.

With a high dose of omega-3s, you can easily support your baby's brain and eye development through breast milk. The 60-day supply is convenient and affordable, and there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners.


  • Features vitamins A, C, D and E
  • Includes two month supply (60 capsules)
  • Includes extra vitamin B12 to support red blood cells and increase energy
  • Omega-3s help with brain health and inflammation
  • Promotes postpartum healing and immune boosting
  • Easy to swallow


  • Some are turned off by the way the vitamin's scent

Best for postpartum hair loss

Nutrafol Postpartum Hair Growth Supplements

Nutrafol Postpartum Hair Growth Supplements, best postpartum vitamins Merchant


With a proprietary blend of 26 breastfeeding-friendly vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients, this supplement is a must-try. The OBGYN-developed hair vitamin improves hair growth in the first year after childbirth by targeting key root causes of hair thinning like hormone shifts and nutrition gaps.

Using science-backed ingredients like Shatavari, Tocotrienol Complex and Apple Polyphenols, say hello to visibly thicker, stronger hair. What's more, the supplement reduces feelings of stress and promotes high-quality sleep. Although it's a hefty price tag, reviewers have praised its life-changing results.


  • OBGYN-developed
  • Promotes thick hair growth
  • Science-backed ingredients
  • Easy to swallow
  • Increases high-quality sleep
  • Reduces feelings of stress


  • On the pricier side

Best organic

MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Postnatal Vitamins

MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Postnatal Vitamins, best postpartum vitamins Merchant

Specifically designed for breastfeeding moms, this supplement supports optimal postnatal nutrition, nutrient recovery and lactation. The doctor-formulated vitamin includes key nutrients like methylated folate, choline, iodine, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D3 and chromium to meet nutritional demands while breastfeeding.

The supplement includes moringa leaf to help support milk production and is infused with real food like oranges, carrots and broccoli to boost immunity.


  • Doctor-formulated vitamin
  • Choline and methylated folate support fetal health
  • Moringa leaf provides lactation support
  • Includes real food ingredients (carrots, broccoli, orange)
  • Easy to swallow
  • Take at any time of the day


  • Only includes one month's supply

Best luxury

Needed Prenatal Multi Capsule Vitamins

Needed Prenatal Multi Capsule Vitamins, best postpartum vitamins

Despite its clean packaging, Needed's Prenatal Multi supplement packs a punch — it includes 26 vitamins, minerals and botanicals in optimal forms and dosages. The supplement was formulated using data from thousands of tested mamas' nutrient levels.

In each serving is vitamin B12, choline, vitamin D3 and folate, which boost mood levels, maintain a healthy blood pressure level, improve immunity and promote healthy blood cells.


  • Doctor-formulated supplement
  • Easy to swallow
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves immunity
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure
  • Use as both prenatal and postnatal vitamins


  • Only includes one month's supply

Best rated

Nordic Naturals Postnatal Omega-3

Nordic Naturals Postnatal Omega-3, best postpartum vitamins Merchant

With a five-star rating, this postpartum supplement is a must-try. Specifically formulated for the unique needs of the postnatal period, Postnatal Omega-3 delivers concentrated omega-3 fish oil plus vitamin D3 to provide mood, fat metabolism and body composition support for new mothers.


The supplement includes two brain-nourishing omega-3 fatty acids — DHA which supports your nursing baby's neurological development, and EPA which supports a positive mood and healthy metabolism for you. For optimal absorption, the fish oil concentrates are in a triglyceride molecular form, which is naturally found in fish.


  • Features omega 3 and vitamin D3
  • Includes two month supply (60 capsules)
  • Vitamin D3 offers additional mood and immune support
  • Maintains omega-3 levels while nursing
  • Supports postnatal fat metabolism and body composition
  • Supports a positive mood following childbirth
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to absorb


  • Is constantly in and out of stock

Best for breastfeeding

Pink Stork Total Postnatal Vitamins

Pink Stork Total Postnatal Vitamins, best postpartum vitamins Merchant

When women start this new chapter of motherhood, postpartum recovery is key. It features a blend of 20 vitamins, nutrients, and minerals including iron, folate, B vitamins, biotin and vegan Omega-3 DHA. Take two small capsules as part of your postpartum ritual for mood health, balanced energy levels and an immunity boost.

But, you aren't the only one who benefits from your daily multivitamin! For breastfeeding moms, this postnatal supplement supports breast milk production. Its nutrients pass through your milk to improve your baby's growth and development along with brain health, cognitive function and red blood cell creation.


  • Doctor-formulated supplement
  • Improves mood balance and brain health
  • Promotes healthy red blood cells
  • Supports breast milk production
  • Lemon flavor


  • Only includes one month's supply

Best transitional

Ritual Postpartum Essentials Multivitamin

Ritual Postpartum Essentials Multivitamin, best postpartum vitamins Merchant


Formulated with 15 key nutrients for six months postpartum and throughout lactation, we love this minty-fresh option.

The formula includes vitamin D3 for bone support, vitamin A for antioxidant support, vitamin C for immune support and omega-3 DHA for heart support. Blended with other strong nutrients like biotin, choline and iodine, this minty multivitamin is ideal for mamas transitioning into breastfeeding postpartum.


  • Vitamins A, C, D3 and zinc support strong immunity
  • Omega-3 DHA supports the fatty acid content of breast milk
  • Provides increased nutrient requirements during lactation
  • Includes two month supply (60 capsules)
  • Sustainably-sourced ingredients


  • Some reviewers don't like the mint flavor


Do postpartum vitamins help with postpartum depression?

According to a 2021 study, vitamin B6 can help reduce feelings of postpartum depression in women—multivitamins with adequate levels of vitamin B6 can positively affect postpartum depression.

If you think you have postpartum depression, rage or anxiety talk to your provider to come up with a treatment plan.

When do you stop taking prenatal vitamins?

Dr. Weiss says that prenatal vitamins should be taken before conception—ideally three months before you try to conceive—and throughout pregnancy. There's no steadfast rule about when to stop taking prenatal vitamins or when to switch to postpartum or postnatal vitamins. Still, vitamins should be taken four to six weeks after delivery or until you finish breastfeeding.

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This article was originally published on Jan 17, 2024

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