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Review: Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée gets mom and baby's approval

First-time mom Roseanne Ricasio and her six-month-old test out Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée.

Review: Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée gets mom and baby's approval

Photo: Roseanne Ricasio

If there’s anything that I’ve learned about being a first-time parent, it’s to embrace each milestone with an open mind. When our daughter Naomi turned five months old, we started her on solids. With the exception of rice cereal, I was pretty gung-ho on making Naomi’s food from scratch. Jarred or pouched food were initially on my do-not-buy list, because I was skeptical about the quality. Plus, we were worried about food allergies. But, as time passed, I found it harder to consistently make fresh baby food, especially on weekends when we were constantly on the go. After weighing the pros and cons of pouched food—fresh vs. pre-made, budget vs. time—we saw no harm in testing out a couple.

I find Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée is a great option for their endless amounts of purée choices. I don't feel restricted to feeding Naomi a certain flavour—which helps when it comes to veggies and fruit she isn't keen on (sorry, carrots). Parent’s Choice does carry an apple and carrot pouch, which we’re hoping Naomi will take to since her least fave veggie is mixed up with fruit. Also, at $1 per 128mL, this purée is such a steal compared to other brands.

We recently tried Parent’s Choice Organic Apple, Spinach, Zucchini and Strawberry Baby Food Purée. Taste-wise, Naomi gave it her stamp of approval by finishing six baby spoons of it in one feeding. Probably the only downside to purée pouches is the amount of food you end up wasting because you can only store a pouch for 24 hours after you open it. At six months, Naomi only takes two snacks a day (about two to six baby spoonfuls), with milk still being her main source of food, so we don't use up a pouch before we have to toss it. I'd suggest buying a few to start out with, and then expanding to more flavours as your baby begins to eat more.

Another reason I gave Parent’s Choice the green light is its nutritional value. I love that there are no hidden additives, no artificial flavours, no added sugar, no salt, no fillers or colours. You only have to scan the ingredients list to notice that the content is legit.

While I still make Naomi’s baby food most of the time, I do turn to pouches like Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée when I’m in a pinch. It’s a great alternative that's easy to store (thanks to a resealable cap) and a cinch to use (you can squirt it right onto a spoon or little ones can eat straight from the pouch). Plus, you only have to place the pouch in warm water to heat it up, which is really convenient if your baby, like our Naomi, prefers warmer food.

Roseanne Ricasio is a first-time mom in Oakville.  

Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée is a Today’s Parent Approved 2016 winner. These portable resealable purée pouches make feeding little ones a breeze when you’re on the go. Great for babies just starting solids, the purées are certified organic, kosher and free of added sugar, salt, preservatives, and artificial flavours and colours. They’re also a good snack for toddlers who might need a little extra boost of fruit and veggies. $1 per 128 mL,

This article was originally published on Feb 14, 2017

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