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Review: 5 things I like about Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée

Mom of one Monica Cheung and her little one, Elliott, try out the Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée.

Review of Parent's Choice Organic Baby Food Puree Photo: Monica Cheung

Our son, Elliott, just turned one a month ago. I’ve started back at work, and it’s been a struggle: I feel guilty leaving my son at daycare every day. But at least I can rest easy knowing that even when I don’t have time to make Elliott a homemade meal, there are quality purées available. We tried out Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée and quickly realized there’s a lot to really like about this product—here are our top five things.

1. They’re convenient, especially on the go

Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée is packed with the nutrients Elliott needs in a small, convenient pouch. The resealable pouch is a great feature: I can simply twist the cap back on and save the rest for later because, inevitably, my little guy will not finish the entire pouch in one go. On weekends, when we’re out and about, I simply pack a few in my bag and we’re set: a complete meal on the go, easy and stress-free. And I don’t even need a spoon—Elliott can just hold the pouch and feed himself.

2. They save me time on prep

Being back at work, I find it a challenge to find the time to prep fruit and vegetables that are soft enough for Elliott to chew. And even when I do have time to steam and puree fruit and vegetables, he often doesn’t like it. (His current food preferences include bread, cheese and cookies.) But Elliott liked the Parent’s Choice purées immediately, and he kept wanting more. These are a great option for parents with picky eaters.

3. The availability


You know when you buy a product you love, but you can only get it at that one specialty store an hour away? Well, this is not the case with Parent’s Choice purées. They’re available at Walmart, which means if I run out, I don’t have to worry—I can easily drive the five minutes to our nearest store.

4. The great price One of the best things about these purées is the price. At $1 per pouch, it really cannot be beat. With a growing baby, it’s nice to know that I can feed him well without breaking the bank. When I was on maternity leave and money was tight, it made a huge difference knowing that we could feed our son quality food with quality ingredients.

5. It’s an organic product with lots of options

We love that Parent’s Choice Baby Food Purées are organic and are made with high-quality ingredients with no added sugar, salt or artificial flavours or colours. As I said, I often have a lot of mom guilt when I don’t have the time to make my son food from scratch; these handy purees alleviate a lot of that. We also love the variety of choices available, because, well, what Elliott likes one day, he may not like the next.

Monica Cheung is a teacher, Master's student and mom of one who's navigating suburban life in Durham Region.


Parent’s Choice Organic Baby Food Purée is a Today’s Parent Approved 2016 winner. These portable resealable purée pouches make feeding little ones a breeze when you’re on the go. Great for babies just starting solids, the purées are certified organic, kosher and free of added sugar, salt, preservatives, and artificial flavours and colours. They’re also a good snack for toddlers who might need a little extra boost of fruit and veggies. $1 per 128 mL,

This article was originally published on Dec 30, 2016

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