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Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaints

Here are simple style solutions to the biggest body issues new moms face.

By Roslyn Costanzo
Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaints

Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaints

01Deflated breasts

Though many women enjoy a boost to their cup size during pregnancy and while nursing, the day inevitably arrives when your once voluptuous proportions — ahem — fall flat. 

Small, all-over pattern gives the illusion of volume. In this dress, the empire waist also helps to define and lift the bustline while the rest of the dress is in figure-flattering black. It’s also a good choice for moms who are still nursing because the pattern camouflages embarrassing leaks!

The print on this sleeveless blouse has the same volumizing effect with the bonus of a bow and pleats.

Where to Buy? 1. Jacob, houndstooth bodice dress, $89; 2. Jacob, polka-dot sleeveless top, $49 

Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaints

02Post-baby paunch

No matter your size or shape, in the aftermath of having a baby every woman has to deal (at least temporarily), with the stretched out skin and extra fat that accumulates on your abdomen, otherwise known as the post-baby paunch.

Luckily for moms returning to work this fall, the peplum trend has carried over from spring and the skirted silhouette provides the perfect, on-trend tummy cover. The volume of a peplum works best when paired with slim-fitting pants or a straight skirt.

If your office is conservative, don’t be afraid to wear a top with a peplum under an open blazer — it will have the same belly-busting effect.

Where to Buy? Jacob, top, $49; H&M, peplum blouse, $59.95; H&M, silk blouse, $69.95

Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaints


03Spare tire

After baby, many women surrender their waistline to a few stubborn pounds. But strategic dressing can shrink your midsection in seconds.

While your impulse is to cover the area with tent-like tops, opt instead for more body-conscious cuts that visually whittle your waist.

The number one item to have in your arsenal? A wrap dress. Heralded as the garment that flatters every body type, the tie belt helps define the waist while the V neck and A-line skirt build top and bottom volume. This creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Another valuable weapon is a blazer that nips in at the waist. Worn open over a body-skimming top, a tailored blazer gives the illusion of a defined mid-section.

Where to Buy? 1. Jacob, faux-wrap dress, $99; 2. Old Navy, blazer, $44.94

Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaints

04Overall weight gain

While there are myths of so-and-so’s daughter/friend/sister who left the hospital wearing her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, that’s not the reality for most women. We tend to carry a little extra weight once everything is said and done.

Everyone knows that wearing darker colours melts away the pounds, but try swapping basic black for one of the jewel-tones that are popular for fall.

Not only does this sapphire dress work to visually trim excess weight, but the A-line cut (when the hem is the widest part of the dress), makes everything above it look proportionately smaller. Pair it with black tights for a sleek look from head to toe.

Where to Buy? Gap, A-line peasant dress, $69.95

Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaints

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Style: How to mask 4 post-baby body complaintsPhoto: CHP/FameFlynet
This article was originally published on Sep 08, 2012

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