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Kourtney launches Kardashian Kids in Canada and gives us the scoop

Kourtney Kardashian chats about her adorable clothing line, Kardashian Kids, her own family’s style, and going from two kids to three.

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The Kardashians are coming to Kanada! (Sorry, I mean Canada. Got carried away for a sec.) The mogul sisters have partnered with Babies R Us to create a kids clothing line in 2014, and now it’s finally available in stores here. We caught up with the eldest sister Kourtney just a few months after the birth of third child Reign.

TP: How you would describe the look of the line?

KK: To me, it has a rock ‘n roll kind of feeling. But every season, it depends on the prints. Right now there’s a print with light blushy pink —that is definitely a sweeter piece.

TP: Does the line reflect your personal style in kid wear?

KK: It does. My sisters and I, when we do a collection, we’re trying to come up with new designs with different prints, different fabrics, and different silhouettes to make the collection evolve every season. So each season it may reflect my style a little bit more, or Kim’s style a little bit more, and Khloe definitely gives her input. And every season there’s different pieces that I would put more on my kids or Kim would put more on North. We also style them differently. It’s always fun when we get the collection ourselves to see how to mix and match things too. I love the wet-look legging that looks kind of like leather leggings. It comes with a really sleek top which I love, but then I love styling it with a rock 'n roll t-shirt.

TP: Which of the three of you takes the lead on the look of the clothes?


KK: I think it changes. We have different times where we pull inspiration constantly. Kim may have a day where she’s at home and just pulling inspiration and sending emails to everyone. All three of us have equal amounts of notes as far as details and fit in all of our design meetings, We just have different moments where one of us has more time to send inspiration.

TP: Have you gotten more practical about how you dress your kids over time?

KK: I would say it’s a balance. If my kid wanted to wear a pretty dress even if it was to run around and play, I’m all about wearing it because I know how quickly they grow out of it. I let them have their freedom when it comes to getting dressed. I’ve learned the hard way about having the battle of getting dressed and getting them to wear something—it’s just not worth it.

TP: What do you do if they totally clash, and want to wear the character clothes, and you know they might be photographed?

KK: If they’re going to the park, I know we’re going to be at home all day, or times when it’s not as important to me, I let them choose. And I think that it’s nice to give them the freedom and let them play and explore. But if we’re going to church or we’re going out and it’s something that I care more about, then I would try to guide them and say something like, “Ok, you can pick your shirt if I pick your shorts.” Also, what I found helpful was letting them pick their clothes when we are shopping. Another thing is I have them help me clean out their closets so that they can tell me the clothes that they really don’t like and don’t want to wear anymore, so we can move on from them and not have a constant battle.


TP: How do your kids like to dress?

KK: The ones that are dressing themselves care a lot about comfort. That’s something we’ve taken into consideration with our line – the fabrics. It’s much easier when they’re babies to put whatever we want on them, but once they have an opinion about the waistband and the feel of the fabrics, we definitely have to take that into consideration.

TP: Why did you partner with Babies R Us?

KK: As moms I think we turn to them for having all of the latest and greatest products, and all of the essentials and necessities that any mom would need. And I know that time is of the essence once you have children, and just being able to go to one store and get everything that you need – from clothes to pacifiers or pumps -- they just really have everything covered. Having it at Babies R Us gives the high fashion that my sisters and I love, but at an affordable price.

TP: When you first had kids would you do things like buy cashmere sweaters? Have you gotten away from that, or do you still love those things?


KK: I can’t even tell you how many cashmere things I registered for the first time, just not knowing. I was just drawn to them. We didn’t get to wear so many things, not even because they weren’t practical because they could get ruined or spit up on, but also because of the weather in California. The first time I had a lot more accessories too, like shoes, that didn’t get worn as much, and so this time it was really all about simple, comfortable clothes that were just easier. I did save a lot of things, and I’m sentimental so we’ve passed a lot of it on. I do still have a lot of that stuff, but I definitely didn’t buy any of that this time.

TP: How are you finding three kids and how is it different than two? Is it a big difference?

KK: It is not as big of a difference as going from one to two was, for me. Going from one to two was much harder for me to just figure out how to manage. I think three has been really wonderful and seems to add a whole new, really amazing dimension to our house. And a lot of my friends with three kids have said the same thing.

TP: How are you a different mom now than as you were as a brand new mom to Mason?

KK: When I watch my friends with one child now, there’s just something about being a mom with one where you just can give more attention. So I love having that reminder of trying to set individual time. Because to me, I think that it’s really important to have quality time, and I’m trying not to let that go.

This article was originally published on Jun 15, 2015

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