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Cool hairstyles for girls in 2019

Help your toddler, grade-school girl or teen queen shine with a fresh new hairstyle that suits her hair type and personality.

Cool hairstyles for girls in 2019

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Few things feel better than a freshly trimmed mane. And a bad haircut? The. Worst. Your daughter likely feels the same way and she deserves to have a haircut that makes her feel good from the outside in. We’ve found a mix of girls’ short haircuts, cute medium hairstyles and cuts for girls with long hair that we think she’ll love. Then we divvied them up into age groupings so you can help her find a style that suits her needs. But don’t feel too limited by the age categories—all of these hairstyles can be adapted for any age, whether two or 16.

Girls’ short haircuts

These short haircuts for girls are the perfect inspiration for the toddler-through-teen on the go. Low maintenance and a little bit edgy, they work for any young lady who stays active or needs a hairstyle that requires minimal washing and drying. 


Short and shaved

Shaved sides and a tight crop on top give this little girls’ hairstyle an androgynous grown-up vibe. Because the look is all about texture, it works best for girls with wavy to tightly curled strands. 

The Audrey

This girls’ hairstyle was favoured by Audrey Hepburn and features baby bangs and slightly longer sides for tucking behind the ears. It’s perfect for a young girl or tween whose hair tends to tangle and knot—a pixie cut solves every styling woe.

Modern pixie

A pixie with modern flair, this style has long layers on top, a shorter back and bangs that arc across the forehead. If it suits your daughter’s personality and your house rules, consider adding a faded version of a vibrant hue (think dusty pink, mauve or periwinkle) to give teen short haircuts a unique touch. 

Cute medium haircuts for girls

Hitting that happy middle between short and long, shoulder-length haircuts for girls are timeless and feminine—even if they require a little bit of extra styling since they’re often too short to throw into a ponytail. Choose a medium length if your daughter thinks long hair is too hot or gets in the way, but she isn’t ready for a super-short crop. 

Bob with bangs


There’s nothing cuter than little girl haircuts with bangs. Add a smooth chin-length bob and the adorable factor shoots off the charts. Though curly-hair bangs are possible, this look is easiest to style for girls with straight or slightly wavy locks. 

The lob

Give a simple, one-length lob (long bob) a jolt of pizzazz with a streak or two of washable hair spray or chalk. Your daughter will love the hint of colour and you won’t have to worry about permanent staining since it will rinse right out. You can test a small, hidden patch of hair for staining before spraying large areas.

Inverted bob

An asymmetrical chin-length style that’s longer in the front and shorter in the back (known as an inverted bob) adds the illusion of volume, which means these types of girls haircuts work best for fine strands. The look can be blow-dried, straightened or curled if your girl wants to change things up. 

Lob with bangs

If your teenager is sick of her long, one-length hair, a lob with bangs is a pain-free way to change things up. Simply ask for a cut that dusts the collarbone and features long layers. This length is flattering for everyone and the layers will prevent the cut from appearing too heavy. As for the bangs, remember: they’re easiest to style on straight or slightly wavy heads of hair. 

Haircuts for girls with long hair

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats a long haircut. It can be straightened, curled or crimped; it’s easy to wear up or down; it welcomes braids, pigtails, ponytails and topknots. If your girl loves to dress up and style her mane, a long haircut is a safe bet. 

Long twists


For a child with tightly curled, ultra-thick or unruly hair, narrow braids or twists can be a time-saving option that you switch out every couple of months. Personalize the look with coloured ribbon, thread or beads.

Classic braid-length

If you’re hoping to cut your child’s hair at home or you want a classic cut that can easily transition between styles, a long, one-length style sans layers or bangs is your best option. Since the cut is so versatile, it means you can fiddle around to create playful girls’ hairstyles like this French braid infinity ponytail.

Long with razored ends

A side part and razored edges add subtle interest to this long girls’ haircut. And if you’re in the mood to splurge, a few highlights placed around the face create a sun-kissed look.

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