Watch this mom try to keep it together after her kids shaved their heads

Cutting your own hair is totally a rite of passage, right?

Watch this mom try to keep it together after her kids shaved their heads

Photo: @Stephie_leigh via Instagram

When you're a parent, you quickly learn that you can't take your eyes off your kids for a SINGLE. SECOND. Just ask mom-of-three Stephanie Plucknette. It only took eight minutes for her children to find an electric razor and shave each other’s heads.

Yup, Plucknette, a full-time nurse, had left her kids in the backyard to take a quick shower before her night shift. Earlier, she had used the electric razor to give the dog a shave and had left it outside. Big mistake.

By the time she was done showering, Plucknette came back to find her oldest, five-year-old Teddy, running his own barber shop, giving himself and his two younger siblings, three-year-old Eloise and two-year-old Fred, rather unique haircuts.

Upon finding her kids mid-buzzcut, she took to her Instagram stories to document the ordeal. “I’m crying because look, Teddy found the buzz cutter,” Plucknette says, flipping the camera to reveal a pair of guilty looking faces. First, we see Teddy with a little strand of hair hanging from the front of his head before she pans over to Eloise, whose pigtails are intact, but the back of her head is—for the most part—completely bald. Take a look:


The hilarious parenting moment has since gone viral, after Plucknette's brother shared the clips on Twitter, receiving over 8.5 million views.

Reactions to the video have mostly been positive, with people both laughing along and praising her for staying calm. “Alright, it’s just hair and it’s going to grow back,” Plucknette says through a mix of tears and laughter, reassuring her kids (and herself!) in the video. “Mommy’s okay, Mommy just had a little meltdown.” Many are applauding her parenting and how well she handled the situation


While this video certainly had us giggling, we're glad nothing more serious happened beyond the unfortunate fashion statement. And it sounds like the kids are recovering well after the incident.

"They don't mind the look," Plucknette told Buzzfeed News. "They just think it's cool."

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