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Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

These workout shirts, tights and shoes aren't just for the gym. Find out how to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

By Roslyn Costanzo
Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

Double-duty workout wear

The new year is here, which means many of us have resolved to live a healthier lifestyle in 2013. I happen to love my January self — enthusiastic and full of good intentions. By February, though, I’ll be back to the person I am for the other 11 months of the year — not completely unhealthy, but nothing to write to Dr. Oz about either.

The one thing that does stay with me, however, is the workout gear my January self purchased. The cast-aside yoga pants and moisture-wicking tanks normally take up valuable real estate in my small Toronto closet. But this year marks the end of that!

Read on for tips on how to leverage your long-forgotten workout clothes as everyday wear.

Fitness: Double-duty workout wearPhoto: Arekmalang/iStockphoto

The running turtleneck: Pounding the pavement

This turtleneck, paired with Nike’s Element Shield tights and all-weather LunarGlide shoes will ensure that the Canadian winter doesn’t interfere with your daily run. Strap on a handy running bag so you have a place to stow your keys.
Where to Buy? Active turtleneck, Joe Fresh, $19; Element Shield tights, Nike, $110; LunarGlide shoes, Nike, $149.95; Running bag, H&M, $14.95; Ear muffs, Winners, $16.99

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear


The running turtleneck: At the office

Paired with a knit pencil skirt in bold black and white, the turtleneck is transformed into a chic nine-to-five look. Wear it un-tucked and cinched with a bright belt at the waist for a splash of colour.
Where to Buy? Knit skirt, Gap, $64.95; Skinny bow belt, Jacob, $25; High-heel loafer, Winners, $29.99

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

Yoga tights: In the studio

In lieu of traditional, flared yoga pants, try wearing tights to ensure that you can move from one pose to another without getting caught up. Pair them with this seamless yoga top that allows for full range of movement while preventing chafing, to ensure fluidity and grace right through your last vinyasa.
Where to Buy? Seamless tights, H&M, $29.95; Top, Adidas by Stella McCartney, $90; Yoga mat, Adidas, $75

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

Yoga tights: Running errands

I almost can’t believe I’m writing this, but yoga pants are OK on the street as long as you cover your — ahem — assets. The stretchy fabric leaves little to the imagination, highlighting every bump and lump, so wear them with a long cardigan or jacket.

Yoga tights work best because they can slide easily into a pair of boots whereas a flared pant looks more obviously suited to the studio.

Luxe accessories like this oxblood belt lend the look a casually elegant vibe.
Where to Buy? Cardigan, H&M, $49.95; Belt, Winners, $39.99; Riding boot, Globo, $179.99

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear


Running shoe: At the gym

Blurring the line between sports and fashion, high tops and wedge running shoes have been enjoying popularity among the fashion crowd over the last several months. If you’re not quite ready to embrace the running wedge, opt instead for an embellished trainer.

This metallic running shoe is fashionable and functional — able to perform at the gym and as the basis of a cool, casual outfit.
Where to Buy? Running shoe, Aldo, $80; racerback tank, GapFit Motion, $29.95; Active running short, Joe Fresh, $16

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

Running shoe: On the weekend

An oversized sweater and military-inspired jacket are the perfect match for the fancy kicks.
Where to Buy? Sweater, H&M, $29.95; Jacket, H&M, $59.95; Boyfriend jean, Gap, $89.95

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

The T-shirt: At spinning class

Moisture-wicking tees, like this one from Old Navy, will keep you dry even through the ups and downs of a particularly vigorous spinning class. Worn with compression tights and sleek black sneakers, you’ll be at your peak performance and style.

Where to Buy? Slub-Knit GoDRY tee, Old Navy, $14.94; Compression capris, Old Navy, $24.94; Sneakers, Adidas by Stella McCartney, $140

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear


The T-shirt: Out for dinner

Transform your collection of workout tees into dinner-appropriate garb by simply adding a fun and trendy faux-fur collar or scarf and swapping your tights for a pair of cords. Finish the look with a peplum-style cardigan and gusseted ankle boots.
Where to Buy? Faux fur collar, Jacob, $49; Cardigan, Jacob, $69; The Rockstar Pop-Color cords, Old Navy, $39.50; ankle boot, Call it Spring, $50

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

The sweatshirt: On a brisk walk

Wearing this cozy sweatshirt with a pair of streamlined sweats and a braided infinity scarf will keep you warm but still put-together when out for a walk with the family or a girlfriend.
Where to Buy? Fleece sweatshirt, Gap Powder, $39.95; Ankle zip fleece pants, GapFit, $44.95; Running shoe, Geox, $150; Infinity scarf, Winners, $14.99

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

The sweatshirt: On a lunch date

Make the sweatshirt work for a lunch date by switching the sweats for polka-dot-print denim, and layering it over a chambray shirt. High-heel booties and a lady-like bag refine the look even further.
Where to Buy? Chambray shirt, Joe Fresh, $24; Geo-print skimmer jean, Gap, $69.95; Bootie, Call it Spring, $80; Bag, Aldo, $60

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear


The tank: At the barre

A soft tank and cropped pants will help you stay comfortable while working on lengthening and toning your muscles at a ballet-inspired fitness class. A punchy purple carry-all complements the ensemble.
Where to Buy? Active tank, Joe Fresh, $12; Cropped tights, H&M, $29.95; Nylon satchel, Old Navy, $24.94

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

The tank: Out with the girls

Get more mileage out of your bright sports tank by layering it under a sweater with an open weave so that the fun hue peeks through. Worn with a coloured jean, the ensemble is perfect for a post-workout bite with your BFFs.
Where to Buy? Open-weave sweater, Smart Set, $40; The Rockstar skinny jeans, Old Navy, $44.50; Flat boot, Call it Spring, $80

Fitness: Double-duty workout wear

More style help!

Fitness: Double-duty workout wearPhoto: Dean Mitchell/iStockphoto
This article was originally published on Jan 08, 2013

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