How the royal birth will be announced

Details on the royal birth announcement: how they will announce the birth, when the first photos will be taken, and more!

Photo: FameFlynetUK/FameFlynet

Photo: FameFlynetUK/FameFlynet

As the royal due date fast approaches, new details are emerging around how the royal family plans to announce the arrival of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby.

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According to, the announcement will involve a mix of technology and historical tradition.

To honour tradition, a bulletin will be placed on a wooden easel in front of Buckingham Palace — revealing not only the birth of the baby, but also the sex — and it will be signed by the royal couple’s medical team. It’ll be the very same bulletin/easel they used to announce the birth of Prince William, in 1982.

At this time, the royal family will also release a digital announcement. The bulletin will come first, however, to highlight the historical tradition.

Even before all that, though, the public (and press, of course) will be watching St. Mary’s Hospital, in London, for a Kensington Palace staffer to leave its doors with a sealed envelope…to deliver the news to the Queen, Prince Charles and the Middleton family. Chills!

The baby’s first public appearance will be a photo session on the steps of the hospital. They may also reveal the baby’s name at that point; but, says, they may wait a few days like they did for William — whereas Prince Harry’s name was announced right there.

So awesome….

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