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You know you're a parent when...

See how our readers responded when we asked them to finish the sentence, "You know you're a parent when...." Funny!

By Today's Parent

To celebrate reaching 500,000 followers on Twitter last month, we hosted a massive "#TP500K" Twitter party and asked you to answer some fun questions. Your answers were so great we couldn't help but shine a spotlight on them. When we asked you to finish the sentence, "You know you're a parent when...," you came back to us some hilarious tweets. Check out some of our faves!

You know you're a parent when...

...Going to the bathroom by yourself is cause for celebration! —@webzmom

...You don’t even blink an eye to projectile vomit or diaper blow outs —@nxtom

...You talk to your partner about kid and baby poop over dinner —@emmaleewalpole

...You know you’re a parent when you can’t recall what drinking hot coffee is like! —@Miss_Elles

...Your bed isn’t your own at 4 a.m. —@SleegsSkees


...The last time you slept was in the 80s —@rychepet

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...Freedom is grocery shopping or peeing alone —@vision4Rkids

...You catch a kid’s barf in your hands, without so much as a grimace! —@whaaf ...And then you realize it’s not even your kid!—@wagzwear

...You online party while you nurse! —@scaldareri


...It takes longer to get everyone in a car than to run the actual errand  —@new2mommy123

...Everything is sticky… EVERYTHING. —@oviglet

...You find old lollypops and rocks in the bottom of your purse. —@jjcapin

...You can face the next day with only 2.5 hours of sleep —@DebbieDEHblue

...Wearing sweats to take your kids to school becomes a major trend and owning a mini van becomes cool —@gypsygreenz


...You have at least one story of how your child cut their own hair! —@Zac_Maniac

...You have no clean clothes because they have some form of food/drink stain on them…—@MulhollandKE

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...Leaving the house without kids sometimes feels like winning the lottery. —@kayleebob

...You can sniff out a dirty diaper like a hound! —@margaux_lee


...Your dinner consists of leftovers from your kids’ plates. —@danceswithpucks

...You don’t mind being covered in snot!! —@KatieGracieMarie

Your turn! You know you're a parent when...

This article was originally published on May 08, 2014

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