What’s the internet’s problem with Tom Brady kissing his son?

During an episode of Tom vs. Time, the New England Patriots’ quarterback sparked controversy, sharing a lengthy kiss on the lips with his 11-year-old.

By Rob Jowett

What’s the internet’s problem with Tom Brady kissing his son?

Photo: TimeVsTom, Facebook

Tom Brady’s only focus right now should be Sunday’s Super Bowl. But for the second time in less than a week, the New England Patriots quarterback has found himself in the midst of another so-called ‘controversy,’ again coming from his weekly Facebook show Tom vs. Time. The internet is up in arms over a kiss Brady shared with his son.

In the video, while Tom Brady is receiving a massage at his home, his eleven-year-old son, John Brady, comes in to ask if he can check his fantasy team. He kisses his father and Tom says ‘that was just a peck.’ John returns and kisses his father on the mouth for a few seconds, before wiping his mouth and turning the conversation back to football.

And the internet went nuts.

The tweets came first, with people calling the interaction disturbing and creepy. Others defended him, saying that there is nothing wrong with a father kissing his son affectionately.

Then came article after article to talk about whether the kiss was ‘appropriate.’ “How Do We All Feel About Tom Brady Kissing His Son on the Mouth for Like 5 Seconds at a Time” asked The Cut, calling the kiss “something I cannot unsee.”

The Root was more explicit, stating, “I don’t care if a son kisses his dad on the lips, but I do care if said son stays there for a count longer than three seconds, because it’s weird… like the-video-of-the-rat-bathing-himself-like-a-f*cking-human weird.”

Fatherly defended his actions, asking “Who could have possibly predicted that football fans would overreact to affection?” Perez Hilton said, “Smooch away bud!!” And sports news site The Big Lead demanded to know why anyone cared at all.

The quarterback also kisses his daughter several times, in the same video, without any controversy.

The debate about fathers kissing their sons is nothing new. Will Smith made headlines when he kissed his son Jaden on the mouth during an interview in 2013. And professional wrestler Titus O’Neill was mocked incessantly online for kissing his son after his match at 2016’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, a major televised wrestling event.

Of course, much of this hate is directed at Tom Brady for being Tom Brady. The star quarterback is a divisive figure, both on and off the field, and most non-Patriots fans love nothing more than dumping on Brady and his team. Brady was famously implicated in the Deflategate scandal, when the Patriots illegally deflated footballs during the 2015 Super Bowl. He has also been mocked for keeping a Make America Great Again cap, from Trumps presidential campaign, in his locker. So take any criticism of this latest incident with a grain of salt.

What do you think? Is kissing your kid on the mouth affectionate or creepy?