#ThisIsMyLife: 6 signs your kid isn't an adorable kindergartener anymore

Why can't they stay little forever??

Illustration of a mom holding up a first day of school outfit that matches the one she is wearing and a kids standing off to the side with his arms crossed. caption reads He refuses to wear his perfect first-day-of-school outfitIllustration of a mom on the couch trying to figure out the tv remotes and her kid is sitting on the floor in front of her. Caption reads He says "Dude, Seriously?" when you can't work the TVIllustration of a kid smiling at his dad saying "and they all love me so much. it is so annoying" Caption reads He complains that all the girls are chasing him and trying to kiss himIllustration of a kid walking and reading a book while flies fly around him. Caption reads He smells like butt, like, all the timeIllustration of a kid at a table with toys and cards on it. a nervous kids stands in front of the table and an angry looking girl stands off to the side with an arrow pointing to her saying The muscle. Caption reads He runs a cutthroat schoolyard trading floor for Pokemon cards and LEGO mini-figuresIllustration of a mom trying to hold her son's hand at the playground but her son doesn't want to. Caption reads Holding your hand in public. It burns. It burnsss!

Leah Rumack is the deputy editor of Today’s Parent. 

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