Best bedtime tricks

Sanity savers: Readers from our online community share their best tricks for getting their kids to bed.

By Today's Parent staff

Best bedtime tricks

Best bedtime tricks

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Having trouble getting your kids to go sleep? Our amazing online community shared what works for them. Here are their best tricks for getting their kids to bed.

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“A nice warm bubble bath and then snuggles with Mommy.”
Kelly Whytewood

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Routine and sometimes bribery.”
Rebecca Howat

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Breastfeeding, all the way.”
Anna Mushynski

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“My daughter, six, loves it when I rub her back if she is having a hard time falling asleep. My son, 10, likes it when I rub his head — something he has liked since he was an infant.”
Tracy Whitehead

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“Wear ’em out! Play like crazy outside.”
Carmen Pekkarinen

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“She’s a routine baby and usually goes down before you can say ‘Twinkle, Twinkle.’ But, when she decides she isn’t going to sleep, it’s better for all of us if I just accept it. She gets her stubbornness from me.”
Brianne Zwambag

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Eliminating the nap worked for us. We are also very consistent with our routine, even if we are somewhere else like a hotel or at Grandma’s.”
Chantal Saville

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“A wee dose of David Bowie, (either recorded or I sing) and nighty-night.”
Jono McGee

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“When my twin boys were teething, I warmed up their blankets or Grobags in the dryer for a few minutes before covering them to go to sleep.”
Lori-Ann Halpenny

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“We have found the biggest key to easy bedtime is routine. Tub, teeth, stories and bed.”
Sheldon Samantha Hann

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“Quiet playtime, dim lights, bath, massage, watch favourite kids’ show at the time, pray, sleep.”
Narie Ju Hong

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Lie down together

“We lie down with our boys until they fall asleep.”
Deanna Miller Paauwe

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Best bedtime tricks
This article was originally published on Jan 21, 2013