This toddler wins at being stubborn

She's so convincing, we almost believe that her way of counting to five is correct.

This toddler wins at being stubborn

Ask any parent: The stubbornness of toddlers is epic. Adults are older and wiser, and yet these tenacious tots manage to challenge authority at every turn. Yes, you do need a coat and mitts in winter, no you can't eat deodorant, stop right there that's a busy road!

But this debate between a dad and his impassioned toddler—about how to correctly count to five—takes the prize. Dad must convince Aaliyah that she's forgetting the number four. Good luck with that!

We all know that it goes: One, two, three, four, five. But Aaliyah insists on getting there faster, skipping from three to five. Perhaps the four is silent? Or maybe this clever girl just enjoys challenging her mom and dad—who also happens to be a teacher.

Dad holds his ground (with a little laughter), but Aaliyah won't hear it.

At last, the number sequence is solved: Mom suggests counting to four instead. Success Aaliyah! You keep counting and rocking those pink Crocs!

This article was originally published on Feb 22, 2017

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