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Your Christmas struggles told in 24 GIFs

Carols are on the radio, decorations are everywhere and you still need to find your Christmas A-game and somehow stay sane. Here, these Christmas GIFs will help.

It’s that time of year again—snow is falling (probably), lights are going up (definitely before the 24th!) and even though you’re fairly certain what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas, the radio stations are going to remind you at least three more times today.

It’s no secret how much work goes into getting that picturesque Christmas day that the songs and TV specials love telling us about, and everyone else’s Instagram account makes it look so frustratingly effortless, dammit!

Behold, your holiday struggles as told through the Internet’s favourite emotion: GIFs!

1. There are 24 days in December and you need that many different Elf on the Shelf ideas. Don’t forget, you’re keeping up with this madness because totally hate yourself.

2. Next up is the gift list. Completely ignore the fact that you haven’t spoken to these people all year, they’ll undoubtedly remember to regift you a holiday-scented candle.

3. And have you seen what your kids asked Santa for this year?

4. Time to brave the malls! If you start early enough, maybe they won’t be so bad. (Hahaha!)

5. And contending with, like, all those harried shoppers who think that they’re the only people who matter…

6. But then you find that one perfect gift

7. And speaking of perfect, you did remember to pick out a great tree, right?

8. Here’s you getting the house ready for the tree (and your in-laws who will be showing up unannounced for the third year in a row, natch). You probably look a little more fussed, though.

9. “Haha, what’s a budget? Never heard of her.”

10. “I am a full-grown adult who can do her own Christmas decorating all by herself, thank you very much.”

11. Remember how neatly and tangle-free you packed the lights last year? They sure don’t.

12. It’s a good thing your kids are always super great and well-behaved during their photo with Santa. Phew, one less thing to stress about.

13. Be sure to get your gift wrapping done as soon as you can.

14. “Hey, hi so… Christmas dinner at our place? What? Yeah, I guess you can bring them—how many? Wait, hold on…”

15. “I want to say I’ve planned out an incredible 5-course Christmas feast, but I’m seriously considering ordering a pizza for one.”

16. OK, you look like you need a break. Baking’s apparently a good way to de-stress. Christmas baking on the other hand…

17. When you realize you’ve heard exclusively Christmas music for 24 consecutive day. Let that sink in for a second.

18. Then the day finally arrives! Bring it, Christmas. We can take you.

19. Meanwhile, the kids are living their best lives.

20. Remember, there is very little difference between the dinos in Jurassic Park and your kids staring at all of those meticulously wrapped presents. Keep calm, no sudden movements…

21. Oh, the struggle of getting that one perfect Insta-worthy family photo.

22. But hey, at the end of the day you’re tired, well-fed and surrounded by some of your favourite people. It can’t be all that bad.

23. And then it’s December 28 and you’re STILL delivering presents.

24. At least the Christmas music has finally stopped. Can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

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