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Video: How to play the Alphabet Game

Teach your children fundamental movement and literacy skills and spatial awareness with this easy game that's fun for the whole family.

photo: Nadine Silverthornes

Want to teach or enhance your children’s alphabet and word skills while getting fit and having fun? It can be done!

This fun and easy game encourages spatial and physical awareness, while utilizing creative and strategic thinking — all around learning your ABCs.

Put on some fun music to get your family warmed up and having a good time. Take turns being the coach and shouting out a letter of choice. Then quickly lay down and move your bodies to form that letter. Get the coach to instruct everyone into position. Take out the camera and snap lots of pictures, too!

More advanced kids can try spelling out words, a letter at a time and having parents or other children try to make out the final word. With the right guidance, small children can participate as well. Watch our fun video below to see just how it’s done.

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