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The first week of our Healthy Family Challenge

Our nutrition expert Lianne Phillipson-Webb offers some helpful tips on how to get your family started on our Healthy Family Challenge.

By Lianne Phillipson-Webb
The first week of our Healthy Family Challenge Photo: arekmalang/iStockphoto

Welcome to the  Today’s Parent Healthy Family Challenge. The first week’s meal plan is intended relieve some of the pressure from the five o’clock stress of planning what’s for dinner, and then lunch the next day. You’ll notice that most of the dinners turn into lunch the next day, so adjust the recipe accordingly.

With a mix of fish, chicken and soups, this first week is packed with delicious recipes that the whole family will love. If they don’t, let them know that although it may not be their favourite, there will be a new dish for dinner tomorrow.

Snacks are crucial for everyone’s energy and blood sugar balance, so don’t skip them even if you are busy. Make a batch of muffins at the beginning of the week and freeze extras so you can grab and go when they come up again. The Big Batch Fruity Oatmeal leftovers can be saved for later in the week if you don’t want to cook it again.

Have everyone’s eyes on what’s coming up so they know what to expect. Shop together so kids can search out new ingredients you may not have tried before. This is a family challenge after all, so start with shopping!

Next week As you start week two, sit and discuss what everyone thought of the first week and how they are feeling. Did anyone have better energy balance? Did you notice less of a crash in the afternoon? Celebrate the success of sailing through week one as you prepare for week two.

This week includes a soaked muesli. Soaking oats overnight eases digestion and offers more nutrients than those soaked in the morning. It stores well in the fridge for days, so make a double batch if needed.


You’ll also be making one of my all-time favourite Sprout Right recipes — Go Faster Granola bars. They never last long in my house and the kids love to help with the mixing and stirring.

Again, dinner turns into lunch, so adjust the recipe accordingly so there’s enough for the whole family.

How is your family doing with the first week of the Healthy Family Challenge?

This article was originally published on Mar 04, 2013

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