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Our favourite family fitness games

As her family continues with the Healthy Family Challenge, Maria lists the games and activities her kids love the most — so far!

By Maria Stanley
Our favourite family fitness games

Maria and her family jump into the Healthy Family Challenge games feet first.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Healthy Family Challenge so far!

Happy to say that things are going well here at the Stanley residence. Despite our personal challenges with our kids and their resistance in the food department, they have fully embraced all the fun fitness ideas.

There are a few things in the plan that we were already doing as a family, like the family walks and our favourite, the dance party (every Friday night after our family movie). However, we love that the fitness plan also has some great options for kids that I never would have thought of on my own.

Here are some that we will definitely keep doing long after the Healthy Family Challenge has ended.

The outdoor obstacle course: We love this one because it can be a fun game for everyone and it can be easily changed up every time. To make it competitive, we can time each other and choose a winner for fastest time. We could also create two courses side-by-side and have the kids race each other through it. It’s definitely a great way to get the kids active without them thinking of it as exercise.

Family bowling: We’ve bowled as a family a couple times prior to the challenge, but the kids love it so much that we plan on making it a regular activity. If we can’t make it to a bowling alley, we will set up our own in the backyard or the driveway.

Everyone is a coach: I love this idea because it empowers and excites the kids about physical fitness. Allowing them to run the show, "boss everyone around" and decide on their activities for coach time is thrilling for the little ones and a laugh for the adults.

Swampland game: This one is fun because it’s reminiscent of the game Twister (who doesn’t love Twister?) but you don’t need to be as bendy to enjoy. We like to shake things up and add another element to it, like balancing an egg on a spoon and/or timing it to speed things up.

What have been your favourite activities in the fitness plan so far?

This article was originally published on Mar 28, 2013

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