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McDonald's released a new statement about peanut allergies, and people are #notlovinit

The major franchise announced that everything on the menu now may contain or come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens.

Remember when you could count on McDonald’s to be a safe, peanut-free facility for your family? Looks like that has come to an end.

The fast-food conglomerate just released a new policy (available online) regarding nut allergens. Later this month, the golden arches will be releasing a SKOR McFlurry—the first-ever product to contain peanuts or tree nuts without sealed, individual packaging. Because of this change in dessert option, the statement says that this now mean all McDonald’s products may now contain or come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens.

What was once a safe, go-to place for families to eat together will now become a restaurant to avoid for those with food allergies. Food Allergy Canada released a statement to families, encouraging them to let McDonald’s “know what this means to you and your family.”

Using the clever hashtag #notlovinit, people are taking to Twitter to do just that.

Some customers are understandably angry.

While others are even a bit comical.

Even Dragon’s Den, Bruce Coxon, spoke out about it.

Some angry Tweeters are promoting a boycott.

It just seems so absurd that the chain would risk the lives of people for a change in dessert.

At least there’s always Wendy’s, right?

We hope Mc D’s knows what they’re doing because they’re about to lose a whole bunch of loyal customers.

The biggest fear is that if McDonald’s is doing this, what’s stopping other fast-food chains from following in their footsteps? How does this impact your family?

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