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Healthy Family tweets

As the second week of the Healthy Family Challenge begins, we look at what people have been saying in 140 characters or less.

By Today's Parent staff
Healthy Family tweets

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As we head into our second week of the Healthy Family Challenge, we were curious to see how people were doing with their meal plans and fitness routines. Here's what they've been saying on Twitter:

We couldn't find oat flour for our muffins so we made it ourselves! That's dedication. ;) @Todaysparent #tpchallenge@sewcreativeblog

Abs brutally sore from Yogalates at lunch yesterday. #TPchallenge is also about modelling the behaviour you want your kids to take on. — @scarbiedoll

I had to literally bribe my 6yo to eat a slice of cucumber at dinner. Success, it was not. #TPChallenge — @BOREDmommy

5 mins could make a lifelong difference. Cheesy but true! @Todaysparent #tpchallenge playing with the kids. —@karine_ewart

In my case, I have taken my cues FROM my kids!! They are naturally active, energetic. Letting them inspire me! #TPChallenge — @BeingMarci

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This article was originally published on Mar 11, 2013

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