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5 ways to workout at home

Fitness: There are lots of easy ways to get exercise at home. Read on for our favourite workout tips, no equipment required!

By Today's Parent staff
5 ways to workout at home

We asked Tracy Moore's fitness trainer, Stephanie Joanne, how moms can get fit at home. Here's what she said:

Grab big water bottles, cans or jugs. The movement in the containers will actually make lifting harder and require you to use more muscles to keep them stable. Perform any traditional movements, such as arm curls, overhead presses and tricep kickbacks.

Use commercial breaks as fitness breaks. Hold a plank as long as you can. Set a goal of making it through each commercial; eventually you’ll get be able to hold it until your show is back on!

Run up and down the stairs and do an exercise after each run. For example, run up the stairs, do five push-ups, down the stairs, do five squats, up the stairs, five biceps curls with cans and so on.

Try leg raises to work on your core. Lie flat on your back on the floor and lift your legs straight into the air. Then slowly lower them to the ground, keeping your upper body and back flat the entire time. Do this for five minutes. (If you’re experiencing back pain, don’t lower your legs all the way to the floor.)

Throw in some squats while waiting for your meal to cook do squats or jumping jacks and tone while preparing dinner!


Remember: Even if you can’t do a workout every day, or if going to the gym is not possible, the idea is just to move. The little things do add up, and you’ll soon feel better about yourself for squeezing it in.

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This article was originally published on Jan 01, 2013

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