Recycled craft: How to make a cardboard X-wing starfighter

Your little Star Wars fans can build their own X-wing star fighters and soar through the skies.

Photo: Jeff Carlson

Photo: Jeff Carlson

Here’s a cool craft for Star Wars lovers that can take flight in your home. You’ll need cardboard, an X-acto knife, a glue gun, 3 toilet-paper rolls, 2 stir sticks and silver spray paint.

1. Cut cardboard into 4 rectangles and 1 long triangle. Glue 2 rectangles to base of the triangle. Affix other 2 rectangles atop the first 2, angling them up. 

2. Glue 1 roll to the centre of the top wings. Glue remaining rolls to other side. Glue stir sticks to the bottom of the lower wings.

3. Spray-paint and let dry.

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