How to make spooky Halloween-themed bath bombs

Go for a spooky dip in the tub with your very own handmade bath bomb. Use essential oils to make it scented and food colouring to create fun colours.

By Mandy Milks

Level of difficulty: It's just like baking—but without the baking Age range: 4+ with help Safety first: Although the ingredients are non-toxic, they are quite powdery. Wear a mask to avoid breathing them in—especially little kids who are close to the mixing bowl. The takeaway: This is a fun non sugar-focused project to get you in the Halloween spirit. After an exciting night of trick-or-treating, it's a great way to calm kids down and transition into bedtime.

How to make spooky Halloween-themed bath bombs

Ingredients: 1/2 cup of baking soda 1/4 cup citric acid (available in the baking aisle or at bulk stores) 1/4 cup epsom salt 1/4 cornstarch 3 tsp of oil (we used almond oil but any vegetable oil will work) 1 tsp water ½-1 tsp of essential oil (optional) a few drops of food colouring (optional)

Step 1 Whisk the dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix the wet ingredients in a measuring cup with a fork or small whisk.

How to make spooky Halloween-themed bath bombs

Step 2 Slowly add the wet mixture to the dry while whisking. Add a few drops at a time until well incorporated. Knead with hands until mixture feels like wet sand and holds together when squeezed.

How to make spooky Halloween-themed bath bombs

Step 3 Pack your mixture very tightly into a mold. Like, really pack it in. You can use muffin tins, recycled yogurt containers or soap molds. We used Halloween-shaped silicon baking molds from the dollar store.

Step 4 Let your bath bombs dry overnight.

Step 5 Pop them out and have a bath! Store your bombs in a glass or plastic container to prevent cracking over time.

Trouble shooting:
Bath bombs started puffing up in the molds The mixture was a bit too wet and became activated. Push them back down and pop them in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes to dry them out. Even if they puff up, you can still use them.

Bath bombs are a bit squishy coming out of the mold This means that they aren't quite set. Try leaving them to dry a little longer. If your eager bathers just can't wait, pop them in the fridge for 30 minutes to speed up the process.

Bath bombs are crumbling in the molds and not coming out in one piece The mixture was too dry. Get a mason jar, crumble your mixture into the jar and call it Fairy Dust. It will work just as well. Major save.

This article was originally published on Sep 29, 2017

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