13 Halloween crafts for kids

These fun and easy Halloween crafts for kids will keep your little ones kids busy for a couple of hours—and help decorate the house for the holiday!

13 Halloween crafts for kids

Some parents are super crafty, DIY-types who love to make things with their hands. (They might even get teased for it.) Other parents are the complete opposite and have absolutely zero love for crafting. But either type of parent should try to find some time for doing Halloween crafts with their kids.

Why? Because Halloween crafts for kids do triple duty! They give children a fun, screen-free activity, they help build excitement for the spooky holiday (which many kids say they love even more than Christmas!), and they provide decor items with which you can decorate your home and get kids even more into the spirit. (Maybe not quite as much as bags full of candy or dressing up as a favourite character, but close.)

So, where to start? This roundup of kid-friendly Halloween crafts will give you some ideas. Some are pretty simple, requiring few supplies and nearly zero artistic talent. Others, admittedly, are a bit elaborate and are better suited to the more artsy parents among us. But all parents should be able to find something in this list of Halloween crafts for kids.

Choose something that works for you and for your kids' artistic abilities and developmental stage. Put on a Halloween playlist in the background and make an afternoon of it!

Lollipop ghosts

These lolli-ghosts make great loot for a Halloween party. Or even better, drill holes in a pumpkin and display them like a spooky bouquet. If you don’t have coffee filters, tissue paper and napkins work just as well.

lollipops covered with a coffee filter with a ghost face drawn on Photo: Happiness is Homemade via Pinterest

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Colourful felt ghosts

This cute ghost fam is a cinch to make and looks adorable on a mantle or shelf. It’s kind of nice that it gets away from cliché spooky Halloween decor, too. Tip: Make this craft even simpler by skipping the foam cone and ditching the feet.

family of colourful felt ghosts Photo: A Kailo Chic Life via Pinterest

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Clay pins

Use cookie cutters to make Halloween shapes out of oven-bake clay, then attach to hair clips or pin backings. It’s a fun way to be festive without going full-costume. #minimumeffort.

bat, ghost and pumpkin made from clay with googly eyes Photo: Handmade Charlotte via Pinterest

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Egg Carton Bat

Done with your egg carton? Don’t throw it away! Add some black paint, googly eyes and a ribbon to suspend these flying creatures from the ceiling.

13 Halloween crafts for kids Photo: Crafts by Courtney via Pinterest

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Paper plate silhouette

If you have some paper plates and paint lying around, this is a fun craft for kids to make on Hallow’s Eve!

paper plates with spooky silhouettes Photo: The Pinterested Parent via Pinterest

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Tissue paper pumpkins

Great for little hands, these look smashing in the window.

pumpkin made from cut up tissue paper Photo: Smashed Peas and Carrots via Pinterest

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Coffee filter spider webs

If you’re the type of family that goes all out for Halloween, this is the craft for you. Turn coffee filters into spider webs the same way you make paper snowflakes. For larger webs, use garbage bags.

porch with homemade spider webs Photo: Artful Parent via Pinterest

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Cheesecloth ghosts

Move over, jack-o’-lanterns! This Halloween is all about cute and friendly cheesecloth ghosts.

Three ghosts made out of cheesecloth with google eyes

Get the instructions here.


Pumpkin stampers

What kid doesn’t love a good stamp or sticker? If you’re OK with a bit of cleanup, make this budget-friendly craft with your kid and maybe send a Halloween card off to grandma.

paper with pumpkin stamps Photo: Frugal Mom Eh via Pinterest

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Mummy lanterns

This classic Halloween craft is easy and looks amazing lit up at night. You can skip the circle hole punch and just use stickers or cut your eyes out freehand if you’re feeling lazy. We won’t judge.

mason jars made to look like mummies Photo: Mod Podge Rocks via Pinterest

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Toilet paper roll cat

What’s Halloween without a black cat? Or a craft without a toilet paper roll? It’s fun to recycle when you can make these adorable kitties with some paint and pipe cleaner.

black cat made from a toilet paper roll with pipe cleaner whiskers and tail Photo: Kids Activities Blog via Pinterest

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Spooky stickers

Older kids with a bit more patience will love making these to give out to friends or to decorate notebooks.

Sheet of DIY stickers

Get the instructions here.

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This article was originally published on May 30, 2022

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