How to make cheesecloth ghosts

Move over, jack-o’-lanterns! This Halloween is all about cute and friendly ghosts made out of cheesecloth.

You will need:
-Cheesecloth (available in the grocery store baking aisle)
-Fabric stiffener
-Mason jar or baby food jar
-White glue
-Googly eyes

1. Cut three to five pieces of cheesecloth (per ghost) into wide strips. Put them all in a bowl and soak with fabric stiffener.

2. Drape the cheesecloth pieces over the Mason jar. Layer each piece in different directions to create a spooky ghost effect.

3. Let your ghost dry for at least six hours (preferably overnight). Remove the jar, and glue googly eyes onto the cheesecloth.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2016 issue with the headline “Ghost town,” p. 14.

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